Nala´s World #4: The art of running in a circle

Okay, peeps, here is a riddle:

You drive for four hours (one trip), then wait for another two hours amid loud noises, then run in a circle three times, stand for two minutes, get touched all over your body, and then drive all the way back?

Have you guessed yet? Yep – that is right – I am talking about DOG SHOWS. Maybe you already got the idea that neither me nor my mommy are too fond about it – we are more the working dog type I guess BUT we visit shows from time to time. And here is the reason why: my mommy believes that this is hardcore socializing training.


You have hundreds of dogs in one hall, hundreds of people, it is so loud that your ears ring, you get touched by strange people – and despite all this, you must try to be focused, calm and look your very best. We started with this because my Siv wanted to see how I react to all this and to get a professional judgment on my looks (why mommy, you always tell me I am the prettiest girl?!).

Well, what shall I say? I started my first show with a CAC (Certificate of Aptitude to the National Beauty Contest) and an “excellent 1”, so everyone told us we had to continue. From time to time we visit shows, I won all the entitlements/CACs/CACIBs (a CACISB is the same as a CAC but it just means International istead of National  and I already am a German Champion.


Last Sunday, we drove all the way up north to Denmark to the CACIB in Herning. Gosh, there were Vizsla champions from Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. My mom was very intimidated because here we are talking about real pros. So I had to take things in my paws again – and yep: I did win the bitch champions class with an “excellent 1”! Here is the official report about me – sorry, but I must show off wit this, because hey – it is tough work presenting your best sides and looking all good:

“Very nice size and proportions, beautiful feminine head, correct eyes and ears, excellent topline, very good chest, correct angulations and movement”

By Judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite from Lithuania

Gosh, my mommy was very proud. So proud, that she bought me something she finds really disgusting – sheep horns to chew on. These are sooo yummy, and I simply love their taste and smell of cheesy feet. Oh mommy, by the way, did I thank you enough? Time for some vizzie kissies? Well, I am off, woof to you soon, yours Nala

P.S. Zak told me that I may have been in the same room as Mette from Denmark so if I was, hello Mette lol!

Woof to you all soon.

Siv and Nala

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