Tick Challenge (Retro Tricks)

So I really love trick training! I love the buzz of training tricks, I love the eagerness in my dogs, when they are trying to figure out what it is I want them to do, I love that when training the dogs new tricks as it doesn't matter if I make mistakes because mistakes often lead to other new tricks and I also love that you can use tricks for a lot in other types of dog training.

You can use tricks for body awareness, for better contact, for warming up before other activities, for stretching after activities, for improving balance and lots of other things, so simply said tricks are cool.

In Denmark we have an online trick challenge competition, where have a challenge to train for 2-3 times or so each year. When I introduced Coby you all got to see a glimpse of what we have been training on for the current challenge (retro tricks).

The Retro Trick Challenge is inspired by the old cassette tapes and thus we had to learn tricks under the 5 categories: Play, Fast-Forward, Rewind, Pause and Eject.

Here’s how it all words…

  • Play: should be a trick where the dog is walking.
  • Fast-Forward: a trick where the dog is running.
  • Rewind: a trick where the dog is backing up.
  • Pause: a trick where the dog holds a position for at least 5 seconds.
  • Eject: here we were allowed to do anything that would be suitable to the meaning of the word eject.

To participate in the challenge we had to make a video with the 5 tricks, and the video should also be under 1 minute long.

So first I had to make a plan as to which tricks to use for this challenge and on how to teach them to Coby. I made a brainstorm on the subject with some of my trick training friends, and we all got different and good ideas for our dogs. For Coby I decided to teach him to go get a handkerchief when I sneezed, then he should hold a position while I went to a dustbin to throw the handkerchief away. He should then open the dustbin and remove a waste bag and carry it to a toy truck and at last back away while pulling the toy truck.

That all gave us lots to train on, and lots of new stuff for Coby to learn. Luckily we had good time to do this, so we could focus on one trick at a time, and then at last at putting them together and at filming it.

Here you can see the final result:

So now we are awaiting the results from the judges, and the next challenge as well, so our fun WILL continue.

Blog to you all soon…


Mette From Denmark

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