Nala´s World #5: I need it juicy and meaty

Okay, peeps, I love this riddle business. So what is this: for many dog owners it is more controversial than the question if there is a God (have you ever noticed that this is actually DOG, just spelled the other way round? But back to business).

No, I am not talking about neutering, but quite close: FOOD. Believe me – I have seen training companions and friends go nuts about this issue and nearly bite each other´s bums. They were defending their style of feeding their dogs like a dogma. And after calming down again, they drove to the next McDonald´s together to have THEIR lunch BOL.

 Anyway, from my perspective, I can only tell you: I need it juicy and meaty. Yes – I LOVE raw feeding. But this is only MY opinion – remember: this issue involves strong feelings, and there are many truths. Regarding the food stuff, I can only praise my Siv (you know – my owner). She did read a lot about nutrition for dogs, working food and also considers what I like. Mean people tease her and say she cares more about my food than about her own. But then she always replies that she can decide what to eat – but I (Nala) can´t, so there is her responsibility. This is my expression when tripe is on the menu (below)!!

My Siv says, a dog needs meat. And some veggies/fruits. And bones as a calcium source (you may also take egg shells if you don’t like the bones), and some offals. And different kinds of oils. She feeds me with about 75% meat and 25% non-meat stuff. Yes, she also uses crop products from time to time – like oats. What is really important is that you MIX the veggies/fruits so that their cell structures are destroyed mechanically as dogs cannot exploit these otherwise. They don´t chew like cows and don’t have the enzymes to split this kind of food. That is why wolves often eat the stomach of their prey first since this is an excellent source of already rehashed crop. This basically is our feeding plan – of course one has to read a bit about how to mix stuff, which meat to take etc to get a balanced diet. But hey – it is not really tough! My mom has my blood checked regularly – and I always have the best results.

This is an example of my dinner:

Calf meat 200g, 80g mixture of turnip, carrot, pumpkin and alfalfa, Spoon of honey and algae powder, spoon of salmon oil.

On the plus side is also that I don’t produce too much output – get it ? And: my Siv has become much tougher now, she can cut bloody offals without throwing up or even feeling sick anymore. See – something you may need for real life! But my Siv is not one of these dogmatist – when we are on seminars and on holidays where we cannot cool the raw meat, she also uses kibble containing more than 50% of high-quality meat and preferably no artificial additions to feed me. And I also eat it (yes, it is not that bad!), and we both don´t die .

Ok peeps – these were my thoughts. And remember: relax, it is only food ! I am off, woof to you soon, yours Nala

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