Calendar Girls

Big excitement this week! Fly won 1st place in the K9 Focus online dog show "Best Veteran (7-12 years)" category, a competition sponsored by ChuckIt! Toys so she has won an Indoor Flyer as a prize!  BUT, we don’t really play with toys indoors, we have a few indoor toys but don’t have much space for playing in the house and we’d soon lose it in the jungle (sorry, we mean garden!) we have decided to pass the toy on so it can help more doggies by placing it in a raffle at our dog club which is raising funds for a dog rescue charity local to us!  Hopefully it will find a home with a doggie that loves their indoor toys as much as we love our outdoor toys!

The second big excitement was going to collect our calendar! Yup, we are calendar girls! Mrs Murray's Home for Stray Dogs and Cats are celebrating their 125th anniversary next year (that’s 875 in dog years!), and as part of that they have brought out a calendar featuring some of their ex-residents, and we are one pair of those ex-residents featured in their calendar! We knew about the calendar a while ago because we were asked if we would like to provide a photo but we had to keep it a secret and it was so hard not being able to tell anyone! We feature on the last month of the year – December – so it is a long wait before out calendar picture will be up on the wall though!

We took a trip up to see some of the staff at Mrs Murray’s with a big box of our old stuff and a box of new treats and blankets etc including a bed and couple of rope toys we got from ago with a £10 voucher Katherine had. See, she couldn’t find anything to spend it on but we hunted down something that we could take up to Mrs Murray’s. Hey, might as well make sure someone benefits! We had a lot off old stuff to get rid of. Katherine says we have to clear our toy cupboard of any old toys and stuff we don’t play with if we want to get pressies from Santa Paws at Christmas! She say’s Santa Paws won’t leave us anything if we have a load of toys that we don’t play with that are sitting there when they could be bringing some joy to another doggy without a home at Christmas. Not that we believe in Santa Paws, we know she’s the one buying us presents and she says that so she has somewhere to put our new stuff, but we play along and pretend to believe in Santa Paws.  Since we only really play with our ChuckIt toys now, that meant a lot of toys were free to go! Except for Mr Croc, Mr Gator, Mr Snake and Mr Gecko who are our indoor cuddlies and a toy shark Katherine bought for us that we have yet to be allowed to play with! 

It is lovely going back to see the staff at Mrs Murray’s, but it was also lovely to know that we weren’t staying there and have a home to go to. We bought something for the people there too, as they need treats at Christmas-time too especially after all the hard work they do looking after the dogs and cats that end up in their care.

Until next time...

Millie, Fly and Katherine T


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