Out for a walk

Today Miki and Coby met up with some good dog friends, the two Aussie girls Ziz and Java, to go for a walk. It is very lucky that Ziz and Java live on a farm, as they have lots of space and fields to go on walks and to play on! It’s no wonder why my two guys love visiting them! So here is a small introduction to Miki and Cobys friends:


Ziz is an Australian Shepherd from herding lines, and she really is an amazing herding dog! She uses her talent at the farm where her owners live, helping them with their sheep. Besides her herding she is also an active competition dog, she competes in rally obedience, obedience and agility. She has been best friends with Coby since they met at puppy training, and she is Mikis competition buddy. Both my guys are big fans of Ziz!


Java is Ziz’s younger sister (not related though). Java is also an Australian Shepherd, but she is a mix of show and  herding lines. She is a handsome show dog, but also loves to get dirty and to play and she especially loves to swim! When she is in the water, it is hard getting her out again. Java also competes in rally obedience and is so talented that she has competed at the Danish National Championships. 

So today the four of  them met up to go for a walk at Ziz and Java's place. In the beginning it was mostly running, playing and tracking some of the wildlife (there are a lot of interesting smells in the fields)!

At one time they got the scent of a deer, so we all got to practice the dog's recalls. It is important to have a reliant recall at all times as it is important to be able to call your dogs back to you. So that is something we always keep on training! On our walks because they all have so much fun together, when they come back on command they get some big rewards!

Here is a video of Coby practising recall during playtime with Ziz and Java from another day.


Typical Coby he chooses the shortest way through the water instead of the easiest way around, but he comes when called, my good boy!

Today all the dogs also got to play in the water since there were a lot of puddles on our walk! The three big dogs just loved running through the puddles, but little Miki really got to play in them today as he found a bottle in one! One of his favourite things to do on the beach is stone digging, both in the sand and in the water. Today it was bottle digging in the water, he really enjoyed himself with this for some time, my crazy cute little Havanese!


So they enjoyed a long walk with lots of playing and running, interesting smells to investigate, playtime in the water and even some recall training! All in all it was a lovely walk that made sure I got to take two tired and happy dogs home with me. Now they are resting and getting ready for new adventures!

Mette from Denmark


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