The difference between the Ruffwear's Front Range and Webmaster Harness

Differences between Ruffwear harnesses

When discussing the Ruffwear Front Range Harness and the Webmaster Harness, the two questions we are always asked are...

  What's the difference?

   Which harness should I buy for my dog?

Well on a personal level my favourite will always the Webmaster and that's not for any functional reason per se, it's just because I think it looks pretty flippin' cool.

Joking aside, the Webmaster is a figure hugging harness with three adjustment areas - what does that mean?

Webmaster in red

It means you can adjust the harness around the neck, the chest (ribcage) and then the lower chest cavity which is towards the end of the ribcage. This makes the Webmaster ideal for 'awkward' shaped dogs like whippets, greyhounds and other chesty dogs but crucially it means the Webmaster is 'Houdini proof'. 

  No dog will escape this harness. 

The handle at the top which runs along the spine is particularly useful for me grabbing my rambunctious Patterdale, Ned but for 'normal' dog owners, this handle comes in handy when needing close control perhaps in busy traffic or if your dog has health issues i.e. helping lift your pooch in and out of a car.

Ruffwear Webmaster Harness Handle

So that's great isn't it? I guess we don't need to talk about the Front Range Harness then? Kidding, but I did tell you folks the Webmaster is my favourite!

So if the Webmaster does it all, why would you want to look at another harness? 

Simple really, whilst it is very light not everyone wants such a substantial harness like the Webmaster. Not everyone has an escape artist for a pet nor a poorly pooch.

The Front Range Harness is a smaller version of the Webmaster but it has more padding and interestingly, a clip at the front of the chest as well as the back clip.

Ruffwear Front Range in pink

So let's talk about this special front clip. It's there for dogs that pull, end of. Does your dog pull? If yes, listen up...

Which dogs pull statistics

Ok, so if you clip the lead onto the front of the harness and Fido pulls you along, he will soon be turned around facing you. This is because the force of your dog pulling coupled with the clip being at the front means the dog is somewhat steered around. 

The idea is your dog learns the following equation:

Pulling = I face the wrong way

...or more eloquently, you could take a look at another fancy infographic below.

Front clip theory of the Front Range Harness

Now when your dog learns to stop pulling you and fellow owners will be chest pumping in the streets, patting yourselves on the back and basking in that dog walking glory. Your purpose in life complete.

...sorry I got carried away there!

The Front Range Harness is a lovely number for general purpose walking around town, in the fields or down the park. The Webmaster is brilliant for escape artists, chesty yet thin necked dogs, poorly pooches or those of us that like to look a little more serious when out walking. 

I hope you have a better understanding to what these harnesses do and should you have any questions you have only to ask, drop me an email on my details below.

Happy playing gang! 

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wayne - February 7, 2018

got this for Carlos, no more Mr Houdini for you my friend..woof woof..

CHRISTINE - November 19, 2017

Hi would these harnesses work for a 3 legged whippet front leg missing?

Lilybear - March 20, 2017

Thank you, thank you for your wise words, perfect. I have a webmaster for my pesky lurcher but seeking a harness for my guest ‘foster’ patterdale. Have been torn between the two but stumbled across your post. Yes the terrier pulls like crazy… incredible… thank you, decision made. Just sad you don’t appear to sell them just now. Not to worry, I’ve a family of hounds so am so glad to have stumbled across your site. So well written. I will share this post.

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