3 Products To Cool Your Dog

3 Products To Cool Your Dog

We all love those warm summer months basking in the sun, chilling out and of course being outdoors with the dog. 

In my household we have four very active Patterdale Terriers which love nothing more than a frantic game of fetch or 'tag' - at least that's what we're going to call it!

Active Hound Pups

However these months of boiling days and warm evenings can be quite dangerous with dogs needing to keep below 103° F (39° C) or the dreaded Canine Heat Stroke can hit. 

Most of us have ample common sense and keep our dogs indoors out of the midday sun to avoid this sort of ailment but that's no way to spend every day of summer now is it?

Well I am going to show you three summer dog products from Hurtta, and All For Paws that will help keep Fido super cool this summer.


(1) All For Paws Dog Cooling Mat (available in M and L)

All For Paws Cooling Matt

Yes well you've guessed it from the title, this is a cooling mat for dogs!

The Chill Out Cooling Mat is filled with a special gel that stays cool to the touch even when it direct sunlight. It is non toxic too. 

After several hours of 'chillin' and if the mat warms up a shade, pop it in the fridge for 30-60mins to cool it right back down again. 

All For Paws Cooling Mat Folded Up

We sold bundles and bundles of these mats last year so we've stocked up in anticipation of a hot summer this year. Fingers crossed.

Tiny to small dogs can enjoy a medium size but we'd recommend dogs from a Springer size and upwards to go for the larger cooling mat. 

(2) Hurtta Cooling Vest (available in XXS to XXL Blue + Lilac)

Hurtta Cooling Vest

It goes without saying that the Hurtta Cooling Vest is the most effective weapon against hot weather and if you haven't at least heard of it by now, where on earth have you been?

This little number is soaked by you under the garden tap then fitted to your dog. The terry cloth material holds in water and the immediate layer of 'soak up' material between the vest and your dog's skin is even cooler, neat eh? 

Cooling Vest in Action

The idea is to keep your dog's heart and lungs cool so that his system pumps cool blood around his system to the rest of his body. 

For active dogs this means they can exercise for longer and cool down faster. For furry dogs or even dogs with a medical condition suffering from the heat this can be very effective piece of kit for the back garden or even in the car. 

To top up the Cooling Vest, pour some bottled tap water over the top and let it soak through.

Keeping the Cooling Vest Cool

Hurtta's Cooling Vest has been around for about 3 years now and the colours have changed ever so slightly. The blue vest now has a blue collar (apart from the XXS and XS sizes). 

  The Lilac colour is exclusive to Active Hound in the UK with only a limited supply available.

3) All For Paws Dog Pool (available in M and L)

When we tested this product last summer we simply loved it. Most dogs love to get wet and especially on hot days.

All For Paws Splash Pool

Well our Patterdales generally hate the water so when we introduced All For Paws' 'splash toys' into the mix, the dogs got in after them. Problem solved.

Once the dogs were in they remained in and out all day. They kept hydrated as dogs take in water when picking toys up out of the pool and they stayed lovely and cool. So we thought it was a good idea to offer...

...£29 worth of FREE splash toys with any size of pool.

Free Splash Toys with a doggy pool

The whole pool is made from reinforced PVC which comes in handy with sharp clawed dogs. Our four very lively terries failed to even make a scratch on the base.

Those of us that opted for a children's paddling pool only to have binned it due to a ripped base, will appreciate the robust PVC treatment here. 

Empty the pool with the quick release, screw nozzle and bazinga, the pool empties in no time.

If you have one dog/two small dogs then go for the medium sized dog pool. If you have a large dog or a few dogs then buy the large Chill Out Splash Pool.

 Active Hound dogs in the pool

I hope you've got another to 'sink you teeth' into above and if you have a question, just email me directly for an answer.

Happy playing gang! 

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