Introducing Izzy Taylor!

Hi! So here I am the new Active Hound blogger! I suppose I should introduce myself first, my name is Izzy and I live with my Mum and Dad in Devon and together we run Active Hound!

I usually help out daily and oversee all the important things however as you may all be aware I am “with pup” due to give birth in less than three weeks! Due to my “condition” Mum and Dad thought something more restful would be good for me at the moment and so I chose to speak to you wonderful people, our customers!

So more about my pups; this is my first litter and I am due around February 14th! A perfect Valentines present for Mum and Dad I thought, don’t you all agree??! Mum has already got my corner ready and I have a temporary whelping box to get me used to the area, my Granddad is building me a proper snazzy one which I am very much looking forward to receiving soon! The vet thinks I may be having 3-4 little puppies and I keep hearing everyone talk about what they think they are going to be like. Will they be rough coated like their Dad or smooth like me? Will there be any black puppies which they would get from my side of the family. How many will be boys and how many will be girls? Oh the talk is endless!!! Here is a photo of me as a pup, wasn't I cute?!

Oh yes I suppose I best tell you about who the father is. His name is Shearer and he is a terrier like me who lives down the road from us. We became firm friends as soon as I moved down to Devon and we play often! Luckily we live just outside a small village and we have lots of land to explore, he comes across the neighbours back garden to see me and we like to go exploring together! There are lots of exciting things to see and smell; rabbits, foxes, pheasants even the odd deer, it’s all very exciting!!!!


Well I think that is enough chatting from me for now, it was nice to meet you all and I will give you an update on the goings on here at Active Hound and of course my pups soon!

Izzy Taylor (Head of Testing and Quality at Active Hound)

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