Hello 2014!

Wow almost into February already! This month has been pretty quiet for us, mainly because our humans jetted away on holiday to Portugal leaving us behind! Plus the weather has been very much on the soggy side with our beloved river that was so pleasant to play in over the summer becoming a raging force threatening to bust its banks! But no matter, we get to go along on the next holiday when we return to France! You see, we have our very own passports! This means we can travel to mainland Europe to explore and have fun.

It is very easy to get a Pet Passport since some of the rules were relaxed. All we needed was to be micro chipped, vaccinated against rabies and get our passport and there we were, free to travel! 21 days after our vaccine we could return to the UK (there aren't any restrictions on leaving, just coming back). The only other thing we need is to get a tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before returning to the UK, which is no problem as the vets in France are very nice - the last one insisted we had a piece of cheese with our tablet even though we would have eaten them without anything to tempt us. What a lovely lady she was! We use the Channel Tunnel to get to France, such an easy way to travel just drive on the train and off we go! Even the return trip when we have to have our passports checked is no hassle. So far we have visited France, with a day trip from there into Belgium, but we are keeping our paws crossed that we can add more countries to the list of places we have been!

The other thing we love about France is the FOOD! As you know we are on a raw diet, but that doesn't pose much of a problem as there is plenty of choice for us from the supermarket which have things like pork tongues, rabbit and brains (though we haven’t tried brain yet, humans too squeamish for that one yet but maybe this year!) on the shelves, yup, the shelves alongside the usual meat that you people cook for your own dinner! There is also a much bigger range of fish for us to sample, and we do love our fish!

This year we are hoping to be using our passports not once but twice as we travel abroad to explore faraway lands (well, France and neighbouring countries anyway), and we can’t wait to share our adventures on our blog!  Our diaries are already filling up with places to visit and things to do, but for the time being we are going to be teaching Iain a new sport called Cani-cross!  He has 12 weeks to get his fitness levels up to participate in a special game of football for his birthday and who better to help him achieve that than us two collies? Cani-cross is the ideal sport to get him fit enough to be able to run around on a football pitch for 45 minutes! Though sadly we won’t be allowed to run around on the pitch with him, but at least we can help him practice with our lovely Kick-Fetch ball we got for Christmas!


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