A grand adventure is about to begin – Winnie the Pooh

Ok so here I am back again sorry it has been a while, Mum who posts these for me has been very busy most days down in the warehouse packing, doing stock takes and receiving deliveries! Why has she been so I busy I hear you all ask?! Well as most of you may be aware we had a sale on for most of January so as you can imagine it has been quite hectic! I wish I could have helped but in my condition I think I am best out of the way.

Yes more about my grand adventure, my little pups! I am now a little over a week away from my due date, Day 54 to be exact!  I am starting to find even the easiest of tasks difficult, the other day Mum tried to take me out for a walk and I just wasn't up for it. She did try and coax me out of the driveway but she just doesn't realise how big and heavy these puppies are starting to get! With that and the horrible weather I have been enjoying plenty of rest on the sofa, watching everyone else get blown around outside!

The puppies are fully developed by now and are just gaining size and weight ready for when they are born. Mum can see and feel the puppies moving  which she loves and she is always stroking my belly because the puppies can feel that and they certainly seem to like it! On Sunday my Nan and Uncle Tom came to see me and they very nicely delivered my whelping box that was built by my Granddad. I love it! It’s so nice and big and Mum has put one of my nice thick cushions and some blankets in it so it is all nice and cosy.

Mum has been busy getting things prepared; she and Grandma T have been so organised finding old towels, sheets and blankets. Grandma T has given them a wash so they are all nice and fresh too, I am one lucky and well looked after pooch I can tell you! Mum also ordered a whelping kit which arrived the other day so I think we are well and truly prepared!

So what else has been going on down here recently? Well the Sunday before last we all had a rare day off and went up to Yeovil for a family celebration! It was my Uncle Jeremy’s birthday that week so we all met up at a friend’s pub and had a lovely roast (except for me of course as I am eating puppy food at the moment). I had a great time and got lots of attention as it was the first time some had seen me since we found out I was having puppies! There was lots of talk and I think Aunty Gemma is hoping Uncle Jeremy will let her have one!  After the meal we of course had cake and sang Happy Birthday!

I love birthdays and always get excited when we sing! The cake looked good but sadly it was human chocolate cake so none for me, besides I have to watch my weight at the moment it’s no good eating for 4 or 5 as it will only mean extra work getting back into shape after the puppy’s are born lol!

Ok well I can hear Mum coming now as it’s time for me to have a little trot around the garden. Look out for my next blog soon folks!

Chat soon, Izzy T x

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