Out for a swim

All year round, my dogs and I, love to go to the beach. Here they can run free and get to go swimming in the water which is good to help maintain their muscles. It is especially good for Coby's hip muscles since he has dysplasia. During the wintertime the water can be very cold and/or frozen to ice! We still go to the beach during the winter and they still get to run free but to go swimming we visit the local dog pool!

Coby loves swimming at the beach or in lakes, but in the swimming pool it has taken some time to get him to enjoy it. The first many times I or one of my friends were in the pool with him, but now he can swim by himself!

Miki is a funny dog at the pool, because when he is not in the pool he runs around it barking happily and trying to get up in the water. When it is his turn to actually go into the water he then changes his mind and will not go in! But when he then at last decides to go in, he enjoys swimming. But next time we go, it all starts over again!

Often we go to the pool with good friends, this time we went with Ziz, Java and My. Java is the biggest water loving dog I know! When she gets in the water it is then very hard to get her out again, she just wants to keep swimming! Ziz and My are more like Coby.

Before and after swimming in the pool the dogs are washed. They are washed before to make sure they don't go in the water with dirt on them, and after to wash of the chlorine from the pool.

So we enjoy our trips to the pool but we are still happy that the weather is now getting warmer and the dogs can start swimming in the ocean again.



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