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Well it has been a very eventful few weeks since I last spoke to you all! That’s right on 11th February (three days early) I gave birth to my first litter of pups! 

It was a scary experience but Mum and Dad were there to help me and keep me calm. Poor Dad had just left to go down to the warehouse and pack when Mum spotted my contractions had started, she called Dad straight away and he came racing back up to be with me! Here is an edited video Dad put together of my first puppy being born, be warned it is a tad gory!


It was a long hard slog and five hours later all four puppies had arrived. My second pup, Ned, was a little difficult to give birth to and unfortunately he was not breathing at first. Mum and Dad sprang into action and after nearly 15 minutes of rubbing him vigorously he started to take his first breaths, I was one relieved Mum I can tell you! He is now full of beans and one of the strongest pups in the litter. He loves to investigate and is certainly going to be a feisty little thing!

So more about the pups: there are two boys and two girls. The girls, Penny and Dolly are black and tan. They are smaller than the boys but they are still full of beans although Penny is more chilled out than Dolly who likes a good shout now and then! The boys, Morris and Ned, are fawn and black and tan respectively. Their colourings have caused much surprise and chatter as everyone thought that the pups would all be red/fawn like me or Shearer so for me to have three black and tan has caused a kafuffle!

I have taken to being a Mum very well and although it has been quite tiring I have enjoyed it all. The pups have been very demanding, needing to feed every couple of hours but now they are three weeks old they are starting to be weaned off my milk and on to puppy food. Mum and Dad tried them with their first proper meal this morning and it went down very well! Morris, Ned and Dolly were the most interested with Penny giving it a little lick and a sniff. I am sure they will soon start to wolf it all down! Ned seemed to think that the food bowl was a play area too and had a little walk around in it! Seeing as I have been on the same puppy food for a while now I can say that it is very good indeed! Mum has set up an eating/playing area and a toilet area so we can learn to do all our business outside our sleeping area.

So apart from all the excitement of my little pups not much else has been occurring here of late. Mum and Dad have been busy with the normal day to day stuff on top of checking up on me and the pups. They find it very hard to not sit and play with us all day I can tell you, I frequently have to give them a little bark and nudge to get down the warehouse and start the packing! One exciting thing though is Dad took delivery of some exiting new Chuckit! products last week! He is busy photographing them and adding them to our website as I speak so keep your eyes peeled to the website as they will be up very soon!

So I hope you have enjoyed hearing all about my puppies first few weeks and I will be back soon to give you an update. Now they are getting more mobile I think I am going to have my hands full!

Izzy T and pups xxx

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