Secret Swimmies Pool

In the dark, dark forest along a dark, dark track through dark, dark mud is a secret little place we love to visit.  It is our secret swimmies pool!  Though, it isn’t really that much of a secret since we told a few of our friends where to find it and a fair few other dogs do visit the pool too.  We originally found it by accident following a random trail through the forest and now it is one of our favourite local places to visit!  We know exactly where the pool is and run ahead leading the way through the forest.  

Today, as most days, we had the pool all to ourselves to play in.  We had brought along two of our new toys we got for Christmas to play with them for the first time, the Tumble Bumper and the Water Skimmer.  The water was high and there was a slight problem when Millie went to go into the water...

You see, Millie doesn’t like having to take the plunge into the water, she likes to go in on a nice slope which we usually have, but today the water was so high that the slope was underwater.  So she was a bit reluctant to go for a swim and it took a bit of encouragement throwing the toy just a short distance to encourage her out into the water to retrieve it and then throwing it out a little bit further and further until she got her confidence up to push out into the deeper water.  Eventually she was happy taking the plunge into the water and we both got to enjoy some swimming after our new toys.

We had great fun swimming around chasing after our new toys, Iain practicing making the water skimmer skim across the surface.  He tried that with our ZipFlight last year but ended up throwing that straight onto one of the islands resulting in a very complicated toy rescue where we were encouraged onto the island to find the toy, but then Millie ended up stuck because she didn’t want to jump straight into the water!  Eventually though she did jump in and swam back across.  No such problem with the skimmer though, that skipped across the water nicely and didn’t go getting stuck on the island.  Iain has a toy that he can skim across the surface of the water and we have something fun to fetch!  It’s a win-win situation for all!

Playing with new toys for the first time is always a lot of fun, but eventually we had to leave the water and re-enter the forest to walk back along the muddy trail.  We were nice and clean when we left the water, but it was a long way back to the car leaving plenty of opportunity for us to get ourselves very muddy again!

On the way back we heard an interesting bird call, the forest is home to a variety of animals some of which we see regularly such as the roe deer, red squirrel and the buzzards, but others are much more secretive.  The call we heard was from one of the most secretive residents of the forest, one that we have heard often in early spring but have never once seen – a goshawk!  As always the hawk remained hidden somewhere in the forest, but maybe one day we will catch a glimpse of him!  Fortunately though some of the other forest residents that we are less pleased to see have yet to emerge – the ticks!  The forest is home to lots and lots of ticks so we need to remember to use our tick repellent when go there from now on as they will soon be out on the top of grass stems waiting to latch on to any passerby!  And we don’t want to be bringing any ticks home with us!

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