Storm Morton, Rightful Ruler of Humans

Here's a piece we were sent in by Natalie Smith, a loyal and lovely customer of Active Hound. We've been meaning to reply to this email for quite some time but we thought what better way to say thank you than to share Natalie's, sorry, we mean Storm's email with the world :-) Please read, it made us laugh. Enjoy! 

"Dear Zak,

My owner wrote to you back in December, to let you know that I'd mercilessly slaughtered a Chuckit Kick Fetch ball, despite it costing her a small fortune. You suggested she purchase the Chuckit Ultra XXL, which she did this month, with all the xmas bills out of the way. I am enjoying it! I'm having fun sharing it with my friends on the BeaglesUK Facebook page too.

As you can see, it has joined my small collection of hardy Chuckit survivors - the Max Glow XL, Max Glow Medium, Whistler (we put kibble in the holes in the winter when we can't get outside to make it whistle, and I chase it around indoors until the kibble comes out), regular Chuckit Ultra medium, and Chuckit Ultra Tug. There's a Rebouncer somewhere around here too, but it's disappeared under a sofa. I like that one too, because it has holes where kibble can be hidden. I'm a girl who likes a challenge!

It looks like the way to go is the harder Chuckit balls, as despite my cute appearance, I am a vicious toy killer. Any recommendations on what to try next? 

Love from

Storm Morton

(Furry dictator and overlord of the innocent human known as Natalie Morton)

P.S. Please excuse my spray collar in this photo. I don't like the Tesco delivery man and will bark until I can sense he's six miles clear of my territory if the collar's not on. I was a rescue dog, and I have what Mum calls "man issues"."

by Active Hound


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