A mother's work is never done

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Well it has been a busy past few weeks for me since I last wrote to you all. This week my pups turned 6 weeks old and as I thought they are quite a handful lol! They are all now huge bundles of energy and are keeping me busy, I have to make sure I correct them when they get too over excited and just keep an eye on their little play fights. 

Mum and Dad have been putting in different toys to keep them busy and well stimulated too which has helped me an awful lot!

I quite like to have a little play myself too and keep getting told off for playing with their toys!

They have also been outside in the garden a couple of times but only when it has been sunny and not for too long as they do get cold very quickly! They loved it though and ran all over the place!

Although I thought a few weeks ago I would wean them off my milk quite quickly I have still had lots of milk and despite their sharp little teeth I don’t mind them feeding from me still. They are however now eating more of the puppy food Mum and Dad put down for them and this morning near on cleared the bowl in one sitting!! They are greedy little things and even try and have a little munch on my dentastick! I have learnt not to take that in their run to eat it!



Last week Mum and Dad went up to Surrey for the PATS trade show. As we obviously could not go with them we went to stay with my Nan and Grandad in Brixham. Do you know what this meant?! The pups had their first car journey (they did go in the car for their check up at the vets the day after they were born but as they couldn’t hear or see then I don’t really include that). I don’t think they were too sure at first and Dolly especially was not too happy about being in the crate but she calmed down by the time we arrived!



We had such fun at Nan and Grandad’s as we got to see and play with their dogs:



Ginny and Rufus


Poppy is used to puppies, as she is the oldest and so has looked after all the other new additions, even me for a time when I was little. She was very interested in my pups and they really enjoyed chasing after her and playing! It certainly gave me a rest to have some extra paws to help with the pups! I spent some me time watching Uncle Tom’s bearded dragon Mr Lister, I wasn’t quite sure what creature this was and was very intrigued by the new smell! Nan was worried about how interested I was in him, especially when I spent a whole afternoon/evening just sat staring at him!

I think Nan and Grandad were happy when Mum and Dad came to pick us up as they were tired out after a couple of days with us lot!

Mum and Dad had fun at the show and saw lots of interesting new brands they are looking into!

They did have an eventful journey though after the car broke down, but luckily we used to live round there so they knew of a good mechanic who came to the rescue, phew!



Well I think I better go, I can hear a puppy play fight that I need to go and check out…must make sure they’re not getting too rowdy. A mother’s work is never done!



Izzy T and pups xxx






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