The Trick Challenge: Around the world.

During the winter Coby has been learning a Trick Challenge from Best Friend, this time with the theme Around the World. Miki has also practiced this trick challenge a little but he also had other projects, so it has mostly been Coby who has been training on this trick. 

The theme “Around the world” covers five different tricks with the headlines:




The 7 Seas

Outer Space

So the challenge was to find five tricks that could be described with these headlines. This time there were no specific tricks we had to do, so a part of it all was to be creative and come up with some fun tricks for the various categories. 
I ended up with the following tricks for Coby: 

America - Basketball

Africa - Carrying things on his head

Denmark - Turn off alarm clock

The 7 Seas – Collect a pirate treasure

Outer Space - Slalom around the sun



And the following tricks for Miki: 

America - Basketball

Africa – Turn off giraffe alarm clock

Denmark – Take on his collar

The 7 Seas - Tricks with a pirate flag

Outer Space - Slalom around the sun



Miki participated in division A, and Coby participated in division B. Miki got no placing in his class, but there were also many good contributions. Coby came in at a nice second place in his talented group :-) I am so proud off him :-) 

Now we can start training towards the next challenge, which is called Out'n'about, where we have to learn five tricks described by headlines:

⁃   Over

⁃   Under

⁃   Through

⁃   Around

⁃   Doing figure 8 between 2 obstacles

I know we will have a lot of fun training for this challenge as well.

By Mette, Coby and Miki.

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