Miki's birthday Party

Last week my little Havanese turned 8 years old! 

We celebrated it with some training with good friends. 

And although we concentrated a lot on having fun and having a good time we still managed to do a lot of training, but then again for all of us training is the same as having fun! 

My sisters dog My got to try a full Class 1 trick test and she was super talented, so it will be interesting to see her debut at her first competition. 

Miki got to try his full freestyle program for Class 1 and there is still a lot that needs refinement, so it will be very interesting to debut with him at the same competition as My. Afterwards the dogs got to practice some obedience. Class 1 obedience for most of the dogs and Class 2 obedience for Tyson. Aida and Miki helped Tyson to train his group stay. And all 3 dogs did a good job and stayed nicely :) It is nice to be starting up with obedience training again, especially since the competition season is nearly upon us!

Coby got to train some tricks and various exercises from the trick test and the obedience program and then he got to do a lot of sprints. It's always great to get to stretch out your legs! After the training we continued to celebrate little Miki on his birthday. For Miki’s 8th birthday I had made some small “dog birthday cakes” (made up of toasted bread with liver pate and chicken sausages) for all the dogs, which they all enjoyed. 

Here are Aida and Miki are enjoying their cakes:

Even though he has turned 8 years old Miki still thinks he can be a little thug, so he took advantage of an unguarded moment from Aida and her owner to empty Aida's mother's pockets of treats! That’s so typically Miki to do such a thing.

So Miki had a very nice birthday with nice weather, company of good friends and even did some training, I don’t think he could have hoped for a better day.

Happy Birthday sweet Miki :-)

Mette, Coby and Miki.

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