Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Yay!  I, Fly, am finally getting to write a blog about my fun thing that I have been learning to do at our dog club – skateboarding! 

We started going to a local fun dog club about a month after Katherine brought us home, it really helped us with some of the problems we had and taught us some fun new things.  This winter one of the fun things we’ve been learning is how to skateboard!  Millie isn’t so into it, she started going on the skateboard and then got scared so didn’t want to play with it anymore, but I’m not easily scared of things when I know that it involves getting lots of treats!

Where there is food I’m pretty quick to figure things out, like standing on the skateboard got me treats.  Then I didn’t get treats for just standing on the skateboard I had to push it forwards to get a treat.  Flipping the skateboard over and sending it flying into Katherine’s knee or slamming it down on her foot doesn’t get me treats...but it is funny!

Our club moves back outside soon so we get to do things other than skateboarding, but because I’m doing so well with it Katherine decided to buy me a special pressie – my very own skateboard!  It is pretty cool don’t you think?  

I’ve been having a go on it in the house, there isn’t much space in our living room for skateboarding but at least there is nothing fragile to damage!  Which is probably just as well!  Katherine is trying to get me to push the skateboard without her having to walk alongside me which is the next stage in my skateboarding, but I’m not so good at doing it without her (or rather the treat!) right next to me just yet.  The people in the shop where Katherine bought the skateboard thought it was a bit strange buying a skateboard for a dog, but none of the charity shops had a skateboard in to buy a second hand one!  Besides, I like getting something shiny and new (plus it matches the colour of our other toys!).



I’ve been learning to stand on other things too, like boxes which you don’t push around the floor.  I’m alright with the standing on the box bit, but going around it while keeping my front paws on the box is a bit more difficult.  Maybe because I have arthritis in my hips that sort of sideways movement is a bit more awkward.  Did you know I have arthritis in my hips?  You wouldn’t have thought it with all the things we get up to but yup, I have arthritis, struggled with it since Katherine got us the first spring we were with her it got really bad and I couldn’t do agility for months!  I was worried I would never get to do agility again but it was brought under control so I could go back to doing fun things.  I have to be careful not to over-do things though because then my hips can get quite sore again but other than that I can do things as normal.

So yes, you CAN teach “old” dog new tricks – though I strongly object to any suggestion that I’m old!  I’m only going to be ten this year and while I may have a little problem with arthritis I do not class myself as old!

Millie, Fly and Katherine T x


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