Where has the time gone??

So my puppies are 8 weeks old today, I cannot believe it where has the time gone?!

We have all just been to the vets for a check up and for the pups to have their first jabs.

I HATE the vets…I know this is probably a common thing among my fellow hounds but you see I used to love going and even when we passed by on a walk I would try and go in to say hi to Simon my old vet. This however all changed in December 2011 when I injured my paw on a walk out in the woods. I was out with Dad and had gone off into the trees to hunt for my favorite prey…squirrels! When Dad called me back he got a nasty shock as I had got my paw stuck in what we all think must have been barbed wire it was covered in blood!

Typically it was New Year's Day and Mum and Dad had to rush me to the emergency vets where I had to stay for a while to be stitched up under anaesthetic. This was followed by many more trips to the vets to have the dressings changed, which were very painful :-( But I did get to wear an array of colourful bandages although the below photo is in black and white lol!

 So now you know my reasons for not liking the vets! Anyway enough about me. The puppies were fine at the vets and very brave when they had their injections, I was so proud! They were all weighed and have all grown but the biggest was Ned who weighed in at 3.1kg!!!! Mum and Dad couldn’t believe it as he was the puppy who they were afraid we might lose. After a traumatic birth and him not breathing for nearly 15 minutes, then not suckling right away it was touch and go. Luckily he is a very strong and healthy pup now!

So as happy and excited we are that we have reared 4 lovely healthy puppies who turn 8 weeks today it is also tinged with sadness as it means we have to start thinking about some of them going to new homes. Mum and Dad are definitely keeping Ned as hey had to revive him when he was born, and Mum has a special connection with him. Maurice will be going to live with Shearer, his Dad, in the next few days and he has already had a few trips round there to introduce him to his new environment and get Shearer used to having another dog in the house!

The girls don’t have new homes yet and Mum and Dad are not sure if it's best to keep them too. The girls are SERIOUSLY beautiful with bags of personality... which they get from me of course! It's a tough decision to make but we'll know soon!!!

So what else has been going on down here in Devon I hear you all asking?! Well Mum and Dad have been busy moving the office into the warehouse, which they have now done. I must say it has made them far more productive and made dealing with telephone queries much easier and faster, as there is no more going back and forth between the two!

So chaps I best be off, it is coming up to the pups dinnertime and I have to go and supervise in case of any little squabbles (oh and of course if there is any left clear up after them...it's a mothers duty of course)!

In my next blog I might be able to tell you who of the puppies we have left here and who has gone on to new loving homes. If they have we will hopefully have some lovely photos of them and an update of how they are settling in…just where have the last eight weeks gone?!

Love Izzy T and Puppies xxx


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