Dress to the Nines this Summer: A Guide to Hurtta’s Canine Clothing

Summer is the best time of year to take to the outdoors and explore the world with your beloved furry companion. As the warmer months quickly approach, the season when canines struggle to stay cool and energized is nearly here. To experience fun in the sun this summer, prepare your pup for the season’s weather with Hurtta’s innovative line of canine clothing. From rugged outdoor excursions to a walk in the park, Hurtta’s vest, jackets, harnesses and other outdoor accessories will make each adventure more comfortable for you and your dog. 

Keep Your Pet Safe in the Summer

As the summer heat and humidity rises, it becomes increasingly difficult for dogs to stay cool and hydrated. According to the Humane Society, dogs are in danger of heat stroke once their body temperatures reach 40 Celsius (or 104 degrees Fahrenheit). Despite the urge to take a tour of the outdoors, many dogs are kept indoors to combat this problem – but that’s no way to spend a summer.  

A Canine’s Life: 5 Tips for Staying Cool

If you’re like most dog owners, you can’t wait to spend the summer months romping around outside with your pup. Thanks to Hurtta’s line of canine clothing, your dog will safely roam the wilderness (with you in tow, of course) without the fear of heat exhaustion. Explore the many ways Hurtta’s clothing line can keep your pet safe and cool.



Whether on a boat or from a dock, fishing can be a relaxing summer activity both for you and your pet. With the promise of fresh fish at every nibble of the bait, it’s easy to get lost in excitement and forget about the sun’s damaging rays. To keep your furry friend cool and comfortable, Hurtta’s Motivation Cooling Vest offers top notch protection against the scorching summer sun.


Wearing a cooling vest provides the following benefits to canines and their owners:

  • Vests absorb cool water to refresh your dog, even during the hottest part of the day.
  • Cooling vests cover the chest, protecting vital organs.
  • Some vests are equipped with leash attachments, making travel a breeze. 

Although perfect for fishing, the Hurtta Motivation Cooling Vest is ideal for use on any muggy summer day.


Not everyone likes to fish, but a nice jog is a fun way to expel any extra energy, stay fit, and enjoy the summer weather. Whether jogging with your dog in daylight or at night, safety is always a top priority. Hurtta’s leashes and harnesses, available with reflective surfaces, are perfect for both aerobic and casual jogging. For those who enjoy high-intensity jogging, Hurtta’s Outdoor Jogging Leash is a comfortable, adjustable alternative to other leashes, because it features a padded grip and comes in multiple lengths.

For nocturnal humans and pets, taking a midnight stroll is safe and easy with Hurtta’s Lifeguard Rope Leash. Equipped with 3M reflectors, these leashes are highly visible at night and perfect for walking or jogging in the city. Pair Hurtta leashes with matching collars to achieve the height of this season’s style and comfort. 


When the weather becomes warm, outdoor adventures occur around every corner. As a fun-filled way to explore the wilderness, hiking provides you and your pup with a great reason to spend time together while staying fit. To ensure that your dog can keep the pace without succumbing to heat stroke, make sure to dress him or her for the occasion with Hurtta Motivation Vests.

Between the Motivation Obedience and Motivation Agility vests, the perfect exploration attire for your canine is available from Hurtta. Designed with breathable, waterproof fabric, Hurtta vests are durable and feature pockets for toys and treats. For extreme hiking, be sure to keep your furry friend close with Hurtta Outdoors Mountain Rope.


Believe it or not, some dogs cannot swim (despite their enjoyment of the water). There’s no need to cross water activities off the list, however. Hurtta’s Lifeguard Life Jacket is an ideal travel companion for your pet, whether you plan to head to the beach or to take a dip in the pool. This must-have summer item offers the following benefits.

  • High visibility. Each jacket includes 3M reflectors. 
  • Form-fitting. Jackets are snug without being constrictive.                
  • Vital organ protection. The chest, containing the heart and lungs, is the most important part of a dog’s body.
  • Lift handle. Guide your dog while in the water or lift him or her out with the Hurtta Lifeguard Life Jacket’s built-in lift handle.

Whether used for the pool, rehabilitation, hunting or swimming, Hurtta’s Lifeguard Life Jacket ensures a pet’s safety in the water without compromising quality time.

Playing Sports

Between fetching, catching balls, and winning almost every race, your dog loves to spend time playing outside – especially in the warm summer months. Hurtta’s Motivation Running Belt was designed to be lightweight and comfortable for dogs during training, running events and other sports. Featuring reflectors, running belts can be used in the daytime or at night. For casual outdoor activities, Hurtta’s Motivation Cooling Vest helps prevent heat stroke. Alternatively, Hurtta’s wide variety of padded harnesses are ideal for short adventures and regular walks. The addition of seasonally appropriate attire from Hurtta will help keep your canine buddy comfortable, cool and relaxed.

Dress to the (Ca)Nines

Ultimately, this summer should be about excitement in the sun, not worrying about your dog having a potential heat stroke. Preparing your canine for the humid summer months is easy with the help of Hurtta’s line of canine clothing, specially designed to meet the needs of dogs and pet owners.

From staying cool and hydrated to maintaining nighttime and water safety, Hurtta’s products are developed with the health and happiness of your canine in mind. Aimed at providing your pet with comfort and safety, Hurtta clothing is motivation to break free from the indoors and go exploring. Equipping your pet with Hurtta’s line of summer-friendly clothing will ensure you and your best friend are prepared to enjoy any summertime adventure that comes your way!

As always, thanks for reading :-)

Zak Taylor (CEO)


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