Picnic Time

We love a picnic, everyone must love a picnic! And that’s what we did this week – we went on a picnic! Katherine even baked some cakes  (people cakes, not doggy cakes boooo!) though she messed up the icing – she made it to watery so it just went everywhere! Cousin Brodie came along with us too with his human (Katherine’s mum) and what a walk we had! We went to a forestry place called Pitfichie Forest which had loads of mountain bike trails (though mountain bikers we saw none despite it being the Easter holidays and not too bad a day weather-wise!). They also catered for us walkers though with a nice waymarked route for us to follow...or so it was supposed to be that way!

Being a forestry commission site has one major advantage – a distinct lack of livestock and for us dogs that meant total freedom! We weren’t on the lead at all for the whole walk. Of course we had to watch out for the mountain bikers, maybe some invisible ones went passing by who knows? But we had the place mostly to ourselves and headed up to a stone circle. It wasn’t much to look at but at least we had some fun posing on one of the non-standing stones (once Katherine had got rid of the sticks we had been carrying anyway!).

Leaving the stone circle behind, we continued along the forestry track running backwards and forwards not realising we had a long walk ahead of us.  Katherine spotted some horses up ahead and we were taken to one side to let them pass by with their canine escorts.  That was great fun as Katherine had treats in her pocket and we got a treat for sitting while they passed by.  Not that we really noticed them with treats on offer – especially not when the treat is home-made livercake!   Once the horses had gone we returned to running up and down the trail ahead of us while Brodie went seeking out holes to stick his head down.

Always sticking his head down holes that one, not something that appeals to us at all!  We much prefer to be running around chasing each other and finding sticks to carry though we usually get told to leave them when Brodie is around.  Something about his eyes being at our stick carrying height.  We don’t see the problem, it’s his fault if he comes too close when we’re swinging a stick around!

It took us a couple of hours just to get to the point where the trail curves round to lead us to the other side of the hill and it was at this point we started looking for somewhere to have a picnic.  A nice rock provided the perfect place for us all to cram onto – and we were definitely all crammed on to that rock!  There was no lying down room for us dogs at all, not even little Brodie!  So we all had to sit on the rock and try to snaffle a bit of sandwich instead.

Picnic over it was back on the trail, this time with the hills of Bennachie dominating the view.  This is us with Mither Tap in the background, we’ve been up there, it is one of our favourite walks!

Today though we were exploring this new route.  We seemed to go a long way between marker posts, counting down as we went from marker 5 to 13 earlier on in the trail.  Passed 12, 11, 10...on we walked with no marker post in sight and then all of a sudden the trail we were on came to a dead end!  What had happened to marker point 9?  We retraced our steps back along the trail and, as we were leading the way, we headed up a path to the side.  There was no marker point here to direct us up this way, but it was a fairly wide trail and there were a couple of people footprints so our people followed us.  At a bend we found marker point 8 so we were definitely on the right track!  No idea what had happened to marker point 9 though!  

Up and up the side of the hill we went passed marker 7 and all the way up to marker point 16...and then heading down the other side of the hill we found marker point 6.  Whoever did these marker points needs help with their counting.  At this point we were back on a wider trail and headed back down to the car park passing another group of horse and riders on the way down.  Again we were taken to the side and they commented on how well behaved we are.  But we aren’t really interested in these strange animals people sit and ride on anyway, we just have to be taken aside as we are liable to run straight into them!

We had estimated the walk to take us 4-5 hours, it actually took us 6 hours!  Which was a lot of running backwards and forwards.  By the end of the walk we were all ready for a bit of a snooze.  We certainly all slept well that night!

We have a couple of guests coming to stay with us soon and we will be taking them to some of our favourite places, and a new place we have never been to but have always intended to go to!  Will be great fun showing our guests some of the beautiful places we have around here!  Paws crossed we get some nice weather for our adventures with a new canine friend!


Kat T, Millie & Fly x


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