Competition Time!

On Saturday 12th April I participated with Miki in an obedience class 1 competition. We took the trip to the competition together with Katarina, Ziz and Java. Ziz also participated in the obedience class 1 and Java in the rally novice class.

We arrived early in the morning as Java was competing in the novice class which was the first rally class on the day, so there was a lot of waiting for Miki as his was one of the last obedience classes to be held. We used the time to see some of the other participants in rally and obedience , and for small walks with our dogs.

When obedience class 1 started, I quietly began to warm Miki up while we waited for our turn. Our warm up consisted mostly of simple contact drills and fun rewards to take him up a bit in pace and to make him focus on me. When we were called into the ring we had to start with the “show the dogs teeth” exercise. This went super and Miki got 10 points!

Then we went on to heeling. I think it was one of the best heeling exercises Miki has done at a trial. He followed with a good pace and had good focus, which is nice as he sometimes has had some trouble hanging a little back in pace. We had a little flutter in simple turns and some out of place endings, but I was super happy with his performance. Miki got 8.5 points for the exercise.

The stand exercise went really well and we got 9.5 points.

The jumping exercise went perfect and we got 10 points, lovely! I still remember our first competition where I repeatedly commanded Miki to jump but he never jumped. In the end we were stopped in the exercise and got 0 points.

The down – sit – down exercise, again an exercise that went perfectly and gave us 10 points.

Then it was the recall, we have never had any trouble with this one but the ending of the exercise often gives us problems as Miki tends to sit a bit too far from me. Unfortunately he did so again this time so we got 9 points.

The nose exercise where Miki is to find the stick with my scent was next. Miki found the right stick but he was playing with stick on his way back to me, so we only got 7.5 points.

The down stay exercise went super well and Miki got 10 points.

The overall impression from the judges; here we got 8 points with the comment "nice work , attentive dog that lacks a bit of precision in individual drills".

When the scores were counted together (after being multiplied by the different coefficients) we ended up with a total of 166 points, on the day it gave us 2nd place! I'm super proud of my cool little Havanese that worked so well the entire time.

Katarina and Ziz did really well on the day too and ended in a nice 4th place, Congratulations!


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