2 Birthdays and 3 Vaccinations

Well it has been a busy old time down here in Devon since I spoke to you all last! The month of April has flown by in a whirl of trips to the vets and lots of birthdays, the most important of all was mine of course!

So when I spoke to you all last my puppies had just turned 8 weeks old and had been to the vets for their first vaccinations. Since then Maurice has gone to live in his new home and we have been given daily updates on how he is doing as Wayne (Shearer's human owner) has been doing some work in our garden.

After a week of crying during the night Maurice finally got used to his new environment and is doing very well. He follows Wayne around constantly and loves it when they are out doing a spot of gardening by all accounts. I'm not sure if Shearer has gotten used to having another dog (a puppy at that) in the house but Wayne has said that they are getting along better day by day!

So what of my 2 gorgeous girlies I hear you asking?! Well after much consideration Mum and Dad decided they just couldn't part with them so Ned, Penny and Dolly are to stay here with me. I am so pleased as it was such a wrench saying goodbye to my little Maurice but at least he was only going down the road and we will see him again. I also now have 3 little playmates to go on adventures with around the garden and when we can all go on walks together we are going to have the best time!

So apart from my very important birthday who else has turned a year older this month I bet you are wondering?! Well the first person was my Dad; nearly but not quite as important as mine. He had a nice day and got lots of Game of Thrones themed gifts, not my cup of tea but he was thrilled! The humans celebrated in the evening with a Chinese takeaway and a chocolate birthday cake. Unfortunately this was not canine friendly so I could not enjoy a piece, it looked very yummy though! 

So after Dad's birthday things quietened down for a while until the puppies had to go for their second vaccinations last week. This time Mum and Dad left me at home (for the reasons explained in my last blog, I do not like the vets). The puppies were very good so I am told. All were microchipped and also had the "Kennel Cough" vaccination too. Mum and Dad decided to do this as I did not have it when I was a puppy and unfortunately I did catch Kennel Cough and it was not pleasant, so they did not want a repeat of this. All puppies had put on weight with Ned at nearly 4kg! The girls had also put on weight nicely and the vet was very happy with all 3 of them.

So on Wednesday the puppies can go out on their first proper walk! I am so excited, I cannot wait to go and take them to all my favourite places; the woods, the fields and the beach (although I am not keen on swimming I quite like a paddle). I think we are planning on going to Wembury beach for their first walk as it will be the final day before it is closed to dogs. Don't worry I will tell you all about this in my next blog post and I will make sure Mum and Dad take LOTS of photos!

So after the puppies vaccinations on Thursday it was my Grandma Taylor's birthday. Mum baked her a birthday cake while she was out for the day (Grandma wanted to go to Topsham and Exmouth so Grandad took her out for the day). Unfortunately the cake was once again human chocolate cake so I wasn't allowed any, I really need to have words with Mum about this!! 

Finally, on Friday it was MY birthday!!!!!!! I turned 4 and I must say although I am not starting to feel old, I am turning a little bit grey on my chin! However this could not spoil MY birthday!!! I was very lucky as Mum and Dad gave me a new Hurtta harness and a lead to match (both in birch, I looked very pretty). The puppies also gave me an Antler Big Burr, but I feel that was mainly so they could try and have a chew too!

Mum took me for a nice long walk starting off in the fields and then going into Hollacombe woods. I LOVE going in the woods...lots of things to explore; rabbit holes, trees and rocks to climb it is endless! 


The woods were extra pretty as finally all the bluebells had started too come out. 

On the path back out of the woods we walked past a field full of sheep and cows, they were so noisey mooing and baaing it kept distracting me from my sniffing and exploring. I think they were doing it on purpose!

After my walk we returned home and i spent the rest of the day in the garden with my puppies. It was lovely and sunny and for most of it we just chilled out in the sun. In the afternoon Mum surprised me with a birthday cake, and guess what it was a canine one that I could actually eat!!!!!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and I had 4 candles to blow out, I felt very special!

I was so happy I got cream cheese on my head before i even started to eat it!! It was so yummy and Mum and Dad gave some to the puppies too, they made short work of that I can tell you!


Well I think that is enough for now, I will chat to you all again soon I promise!

Izzy T xxx


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