Another trip to the vets...

So this week I was hoodwinked into going to the vets by Mum and Dad…they were very sneaky about it I can tell you! First of all they got me all ready as if I was going for a walk on my own without my puppies and even better we went out in the car so I was thinking we were going to the beach or maybe even better…somewhere completely new! Things soon changed though as before I knew it I was in the car park of the vets. It was baffling; I wasn't feeling ill, I hadn't injured myself (the usual reason for a trip to the dreaded vets) and I was pretty certain I wasn't due my booster for another couple of months. So why was I there?

I hoped it was a mistake; Dad had made a wrong turn maybe? Nope! They were getting out of the car and opening the boot, I was definitely being taken in.

Once inside we waited in reception and I tried to make them see sense, I tried to tell them I felt fine and didn't need to be there but it was no use. Soon enough they called me in and I was taken into a consulting room and then the worse thing ever…they left me there! They took off my Hurtta harness and let the woman put a weird lead on me and then walked out!! So I was left to be taken out the back and I soon found out I was to be spayed.

Well it wasn’t very nice I can tell you, Mum and Dad have tried to explain why they have done this to me: the health benefits (reducing the risk of me getting breast cancer, pyometra and other medical problems), that if I have another litter they would want to keep all of those too and also how lucky we all were to have a healthy litter with all pups surviving. I can’t say I have forgiven them just yet!

Luckily the operation went really well and just after lunch Mum and Dad were allowed to come and get me. They brought me home and took me straight up to bed. The one plus side to this whole nightmare has been that I have been given extra special treatment. Mum and Dad have been taking turns to be with me and not left me at all. I have had special meals although these have now stopped and I am back on my Lily’s Kitchen Wild Woodland Walk kibble (although that’s very nice so I cannot complain) and I have just been given lots and lots of love.

The vet told Mum and Dad not to let me do anything too strenuous, and for the first few days I wasn't really up for doing much.

I am now starting to get a little bit fed up with this and just want to go out and run around! Mum has tried to keep me calm but she doesn’t understand I am a young, fit and healthy terrier who needs to chase things!!! I want to go out and play fetch with my Chuckit! Kick Fetch, but no I am being kept in with the odd walk around outside on the lead! I have to go back tomorrow for another check-up ( I went yesterday and the vet was worried I have a bit of fluid around the wound). I am hoping that tomorrow I will get the all clear but I doubt it as I still have a bit of a lump there.

So there you have it, that’s what I have been up to this week. Hopefully I will have more pleasant stories for you next time! I haven’t even been able to tell you about my win at the dog show last weekend, I will definitely do that next time!

Until then my fabulous followers,

Izzy T xxxx

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