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Hello my furry (and non-furry) followers!

You will be very pleased to know I am starting to feel much better after my op, it’s been just over a week and Mum and Dad are pulling their hair out trying to keep me still! I have been for a very sedate walk yesterday with Mum and Ned. Luckily the vet gave the all clear last weekend for me to be with my puppies, yay! I did miss the little terrors.

So now that I am feeling much better and no longer sorry for myself I will tell you all about my glorious win at the Brixton Primary School Family Fun Dog Show (wow that’s a mouth full huh?!) on Saturday 17th May. Mum and Dad thought it would be a good idea to go along with the puppies as it would be a day out with lots of different people and more importantly lots of hounds for them to socialise with. Even better my Nanny Warren came over from Brixham! She wanted to come along with us and Mum and Dad thought they could do with an extra pair of hands lol!

Luckily it was a lovely sunny day for it; I love the sunshine and when it’s a sunny day I could lie out in the sun all day long! So after collecting Nanny from the train station we all headed over to Brixton (a village not far from us) and got there for the start of the show. Mum and Dad first entered the puppies in the Puppy class and unfortunately my babies were not placed, scandalous I know! They all had fun though which is the main thing, it was a family fun show and not Crufts after all (although I do think some people thought it was more serious lol).

My first class was for “Best Condition” and Dad thought we had this nailed seeing as I had sprung back into shape after having the pups faster than Abbey Clancy lol! Unfortunately the judge did not agree and I was not placed at all, much to Dad’s bitter disappointment!

However my time finally came in the “Best Short Coat” class. Mum took me in for this one and she was determined I would win something (I haven’t had much luck in Dog Shows before, the only other one I have been to the best I did was third place in “Most Appealing Eyes” lol). The man who judged this class was obviously a fan of terriers and I came first! Mum was over the moon, it’s funny what these humans get excited about isn't it!

The pups and I came runners up in a couple of other classes and the pups came joint fourth altogether for “Best Markings” I was so proud of my little babes. The judge said he could not decide between the three as it was too close, they are all beautiful in my eyes so I can understand his difficulty! They certainly caused a bit of a fuss at the show, all prancing around together in their Hurtta harnesses and leads. There was a lady there called Julie Morrish, she is a pet photographer ( and she took some great photos of us all and Mum has included some of these in this blog.

After a very long day at the show the pups and I were very tired...

..and so after a burger from the BBQ and a sneaky extra hot dog for Dad (he was so mean and didn't share any of this with us, I was tempted to tell on him!) we were all piled back into the car and made the short journey home to show off all our rosettes to our other Nanny Taylor. She was so impressed! 

So now I am off out for a little potter around the paddock, I have to go on my own as my babies get a little bit over excited and want to play when we all go together.

Speak soon my lovelies!

Lots of Love, Izzy T xxx


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