Keswick Scruffs

So we recently went on an adventure!  It was all down to an item on the BBC news website, about Frisbee catching being scrapped at a doggy event in Keswick on health and safety grounds (yeah, H&S reaches us dogs too...). The event was Keswick Scruffs in the Lake North West England. We live in North East Scotland but we thought, ‘well, why not!’ so on that Sunday setting off early we traveled all the way across to the Lake District!

The show started with an agility demonstration – which was against an amazing backdrop! Then we had a little wander around the stalls and found a very good pet stall, they had to be a very good pet stall look what they had hanging at the front!

We didn't buy any Chuckit! stuff though, we left the stall with some very nice venison treats instead! And along at the Guide Dogs stall we didn't win anything in the tombola, except we did because we got this pawsome goody bag each!

We think the goody bag is the better deal, there was a Frisbee in each bag and that is way better than the cuddly toy we could have won because we wouldn't have been allowed to play with that! Frisbees we can play with!

Leaving our Frisbee s for the moment, we stopped to watch some of our fellow collies being clever rounding up ducks. We don’t know why they bothered though, the silly man let the ducks out of the crate! If he didn't want them running loose he shouldn't have let them out! The collies should have been super clever and left him to catch the ducks but no, the ducks were loose when they shouldn't be so the collies had to go get them back!

One collie got all the ducks back in the crate and then you wouldn't believe what happened – the man let the ducks out of the crate again!  Something not right there, so another collie had to go and get the ducks back again!

Must be hard work for those collies getting these ducks back all the time!  Fortunately when the second dog got the ducks back in the crate the man didn’t let them back out again, at least not until later on in the day...

Then even stranger things started happening – it started raining people!

Apparently falling from the sky is fun for some people, we don’t really get it.  But none of them hurt themselves or landed on anyone so it was all good!

Then it was time to see the mountain rescue dogs do their stuff – collies again!  They don’t help people who let ducks out of crates get the ducks back in the crates though, they help find people who get lost on the mountains.  The mountains, though looming above us, were a bit far so a grassy bank and a man under the blanket had to do.

Then all the dog had to do once the man was found is run back to the handler, bark...

Then run back to the man under the blanket, repeating as necessary. And their reward? They are collies what do you think the reward is? A ball of course! We liked the mountain rescue dogs very much; we saw them earlier when one of the doggies was not happy at the lack of donations going into the bucket.

Hopefully they had a lot more donations go into their bucket after they showed what they can do!

There was a bit of a gap at this point between demonstrations so we decided to head into town. Perhaps we should have mentioned earlier that the Keswick Scruffs was organised as a result of Keswick winning the title of most dog friendly town for the 2nd year running. This we had to check out for ourselves! And yup, it was pretty dog friendly! We went into some of the shops and wandered around the market. We bumped into a family of bears while out and stopped to have our photo taken with them.

They were at a honey stall so they were very happy as they like honey very much, we like honey too it is used in the making of some of our treats! A lady also posed for a photo with us and the bears!

After our saunter around town we headed back a little bit early to the show, just as well because the next demonstration was on early! This time it wasn't collies showing their stuff, it was a big black German Shepherd called Diesel. He is a police dog and he goes around catching bad people. The first thing he showed off though was his obedience, which is important as they have to do as they are told rather than run around tearing limbs off bad people, and then later on he demonstrated what he could do to bad people, after a sniffer dog found a bag of bad stuff in a rucksack...

Unfortunately it isn't allowed to have really bad people be stuck in the ring with Diesel, so one of the other police officers had to pretend to be the bad person and be on the receiving end of the jaws side of the police force...

Wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Diesel, but when called he ran back to his handler as he is supposed to!

And he got his reward on returning which he looked very happy with!

His reward (as was the reward for the spaniel) was a KONG toy.  With jaws like Diesels we can’t think of many other toys that would last long with him! 

At this point it was getting late in the day and we had a long way home, so we left Keswick after the police dogs showed us their stuff. There was a dog show on but we didn't get involved in that as there was two of us and only one of Katherine and though some nice people offered to look after one of us, we might have got a bit upset if the other disappeared with Katherine in a busy crowded space. But I guess that shows just how friendly Keswick is doesn't it? Probably won’t be our last trip to Keswick either, with it being so dog friend and having some historic sites nearby we are looking at going down for a long weekend at some point! And maybe we’ll be back at Keswick Scruff next year too when we are sure it will be even better! Maybe even Active Hound will consider making the trip up?

Until next time, Kat T, Millie & Fly x


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