France (again)!

This September saw us return for our second holiday in France this year!  

We won’t bore you again with the travelling details (other than to say we had our first delay on the channel tunnel and the drive down to Folkstone was a nightmare!). Again we used the K9 Natural freeze-dried food for travelling with, we love that stuff!


This time we were staying in the Limousin region of France, the furthest we have been so far and we have to say it is probably the limit for us to travel.  This time we had some extra company too...Dottie the Dalmatian (who we mentioned in our last blog) as she is staying with us for a while, so she got to join us on our holiday to France woo! 

Our cottage was just a short walk from a lake so lots of opportunity for swimming and we found ourselves a new hobby...watching the water-skiers, we found them very entertaining!

France is a lot more dog-friendly than back home, so we got to visit lots of places dogs wouldn't normally be allowed to back home...even an insect house though we didn't go into the bit with the free-flying butterflies! Fly has poor eyesight and might be startled and not know what it was if a big butterfly flies close by, so we decided to wait outside this bit. We also got to go into an aquarium!  There were lots of fishies in here and some sharks, and jellyfish!

We also went to Rocher Des Aigles, a bird of prey centre! Here we could wander around and watch the kites, eagles, vultures and even parrots flying in their display. Well we COULD have watched them, what we actually did was doze in the sunshine with only a casual glance at the big vulture strutting around like he was a peacock.

The birds weren't bothered by us, and we didn't take any interest in the birds neither did any of the other dogs that were there.  

We then took a train up to the top of a volcano, unfortunately we faced a problem that we had faced on several Scottish hills and that problem was the inability to see our own paws in front of our faces!  So we didn't get to see much of the view.  It brightened up though for our trip to some troglodyte caves.  These were great fun as there were lots of homes dug into the rock (which is what troglodyte means, dug rock).  There were various rooms, a bakery and even a castle!

We love exploring up and down stairs, so we really enjoyed ourselves here! We also had to rescue Dottie from the clutches of a giant bear lurking at the edge of the caves!

Of course, we had to get our tapeworm treatment for our passports so we could return home. There was a vet in the big town just a short drive away and we got a 9 am appointment.  This time we weren't given the usual tablets but the Doncit injection instead.  Millie cried a bit when getting the injection, but it soon wore off when cuddles were offered and the injection didn't cause us to have bad tummies like the tablets. So all in all the injection seems to be a better option, we will be asking for that next time rather than the tablets!

We enjoyed some very nice walks around France including one to a castle on a cliff, a nice walk around a lake and a walk up to a ruined chapel. The views from up here were lovely, we could see for miles and miles around and with all the heather and other flowers the place was a magnet for butterflies!

Sadly, this was our last walk (excluding our morning walk around the lake) in France because the next day it was time for the journey home and back to the normal routine.

Until next time folks, what will these two get up to next?!! (If anyone would like to read more about Dottie the Dalmation here is a link to her website


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