Have you missed me?!

Sooo have you missed me? Come on I know you all have, it’s been aaaaggggeeesssss since I last spoke to you all. Firstly let me apologise, I have no excuse other than, well I just didn't feel like blogging (soz)! It’s a New Year (technically, although it does feel like we have been in 2015 for a long time now) so I thought I better get back to work and help out Mum and Dad as I have been a bit of a lazy hound recently!

So what is going on here at Active Hound HQ I hear you all asking?! Well Mum and Dad are really busy at the moment as we have not only one, not even two or three but four (yes that’s right FOUR) new brands to add to the website! One of the brands is really exciting and Dad is working really hard to get everything added to the website so we can let you guys know ASAP! I know, I know I am teasing you but trust me it is really worth the wait!!!

On top of all of that Hurtta have brought out the Active Harness and their Outback Boots, and they are proving really popular! They've also just introduced the Trail Pack which you may have seen me modelling on our Facebook page!! 


Mum and I went for a nice gentle stroll the other day, it had to be gentle as some of you may know I had another “funny turn” as my Mum calls it the other day? I really don’t know what happens all of a sudden I just can’t walk or stand, it is very scary and Mum does tend to panic but thankfully Dad stays calm! Thankfully this has only happened twice and the last time was six months ago so fingers crossed I won’t have them very often, but the vet told Mum and Dad to start making a diary of when they happen and try and video it so that if they do refer me to a specialist in Bristol they will have lots of information to give them.

So anyways, after my “funny turn” Mum was a bit hesitant to take me on a very energetic walk so we just went for a little stroll up to the playing fields at Staddiscombe. I wasn't too impressed to begin with as Mum timed it just right to coincide with what felt like gale force winds and a monsoon! I don’t like bad weather and would rather stay inside all cosy and warm than go out in it! To add insult to injury Mum didn't even remember to put my Hurtta Torrent Coat on so I was naked apart from my Hurtta Padded Harness!!  I was not a happy terrier I can tell you, and tried to hide in the trees!

Luckily though, just after we got up there the sun came out and there was even blue skies! Mum got the camera out and started snapping away (it’s terribly embarrassing) but there was a very pretty rainbow!

Once Mum was happy I had calmed down and wasn't going to make a bid to go home she let me off the lead and we had a lovely stroll around, I quite enjoyed it then. There were lots of crows up there which I like to stalk, but I never chase them unless I’m allowed (Mum’s a bit boring and won’t let me but Daddy does tee hee)!

As Mum didn't want it to be a particularly energetic walkies she didn't bring any balls or a Frisbee for me to play with but I wasn't going to let that stop me and I found myself a ball!

Unfortunately the previous owner had obviously not found this ball pleasing and had squished it but that didn't matter, I still found ways to play with it!

Before I knew it Mum was telling me it was time to go home, so off we trotted back to the ranch and I had a peaceful afternoon all curled up in my favourite place at the moment…on the chairs in the kitchen.

Ahhhhh life isn't too bad being Izzy T, until next time (hopefully not as long as last time though lol)!

Izzy T xxx

….a blog brought to you by…

Active Hound.


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