5 Products You Never Knew We Sold

I like to find time to get back to the floor and speak to my customers on a regular basis. Why? Well firstly so I stay in contact with what you lovely people want from your doggy products and also to listen to what you all have to say on some of the things we sell or perhaps don't sell.

One of the strikingly familiar phrases I hear is: "I never knew you sold that."

Well, this blog post will simply tell you 5 great products I love and use but I think you probably don't know we stock. Take a look see below...

(1) KONG Squeezz Ball (currently from £2.89)

Put simply, this is one of the best yet surprisingly cheap dog balls you can buy on the market. I think it makes for a great fetch ball outside. The KONG Squeezz Ball in medium (£2.89) actually fits in a Chuckit! launcher (that takes normally sized tennis balls that is) and more bizarrely, despite the Squeezz Ball being very light it just goes for miles when thrown. 

So what else does it do? Well it can't tell your fortune or do the washing up for you but it does bounce very well, it does squeak and it is remarkably durable. Simple really!

(2) Pet Munchies Dog Training Treats Sushi (currently from £1.37 per pack)

Your eyes do not deceive you these really are Sushi made from fish made in a special form for your pooch. They're pretty small chunks of fishy goodness that our dogs go quite ravenous over. 

Naturally air dried fish in tiny chunks designed with a pooch in mind. Simply reward during training or when on walks. For smaller breeds you can also break the treats up further making your £1.37 go rather a long way! 

(3) Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball (currently £10.97 per ball)

This is one of Active Hound's latest new comers. Sorry ladies there aren't any diamonds inside this ball but there is some sparkle of hope for you and your dog.

This minty flavoured ball has no edges or seals and is made from Planet Dog's very durable natural rubber. The Diamond Plate Ball is the toughest ball we do and I challenge you to break it...or maybe your dog that is! Our ball has lasted 3.5 months amongst 4 lively terries and it's still going strong. That's why we stock Planet Dog, superb chew balls basically. 

Great for indoors or outside, your dog's breath will improve and the ball will last donkeys. 

(4) Ruffwear Load Up Harness (currently £57.89)

Did you know that 80% of motorists find belting up to be essential to car safety yet 60% of dog owning motorists never belt their dogs in or restrain them whilst driving. Funny isn't it? Until something bad happens on the road that is.

Ruffwear launched the Load Up Harness back in January this year (2015) to help combat the above issue and to save doggy lives. Ok sure, a dog harness just for the car at around £60 sounds steep but it could save your dog's life and quite frankly there's no such price for that. 

(5) JW Ever Tuff Nylon Boney Ball (currently from £5.23)

Every household with a dog should have one of these, period. I don't know what is is about it and I'm not sure what fairy dust JW sprinkled on this thing but our dogs just seem to want to chew it or play with it even after 4 months now! 

With a sumptuous chicken flavour cooked into a nylon bone, the Boney Ball is great for chewing as it cleans your dog's teeth whilst satisfying the urge for him to chew. When he's not chewing you can play fetch by rolling or tossing indoors. Very easy and a long lasting dog toy. 

I'm going to be blogging much more over the next few months so keep an eye out for some useful posts from yours truly.

Until next time!

Zak Taylor (CEO)
Active Hound

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