Hello from Millie and Fly - the mischievous Border Collie sisters owned by Katherine T (PART 1)

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog post on the new Chuckit! Blog!  Perhaps we should introduce ourselves, we are Millie and Fly and we are two Border Collie sisters. 

We started playing with Chuckit! dog toys last year when we received a couple for Christmas as a local shop stocked them and they looked cool and perfect for us to play with in the water. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) the shop closed down so we turned to the internet to track down a new glow ball to play with on the dark winter mornings, and stumbled across the Chuckit! Dog Toys UK website... the Chuckit! Shark Fin toy sealed the deal as our owner Katherine is nuts about sharks (you should see all her shark ornaments and fossils!) so she had to get one!  The result was we ended up featuring on the Chuckit!’s website and have now been asked to write a blog! Our Chuckit! dog toy collection has also grown, and we always have our eyes on new dog toys! The Chuckit! Fumble Fetch has caught our attention lately...HINT HINT!

This week it is our 9th birthday so we know we are going to be extra spoilt!  Our birthday is on the Sunday, so we are keeping our paws crossed for a nice bit of venison haunch for our special birthday Sunday dinner!  With Yorkshire pudding please.  No tatties (one of us is intolerant to them) but we’ll have a bit of veg.  And lots and lots of gravy! Maybe some seasonal fruits for dessert? Our normal diet is a bit different, but we may let our owner Katherine tell you more about that on another blog.

Just because we are nearly 9 though doesn’t mean we are taking it easy...we do nice long dog walks, run with the bike, agility, Flyball, obedience, Rlly-O (all for fun – we don’t compete or anything). We are Border Collies we don’t stop until we really have to! Saying that, we do love our nice long naps on the sofa!  But one of our favourite activities is SWIMMING! We love swimming so much, and living up here in North East Scotland we have so many swimming places to choose from.  We have lochs, the sea, secret pools in the forest...but our favourite and most regularly visited swimming spot is the one right on our doorstep. 

Yup, we are lucky enough to be living right near a river (but high enough up to not have to worry about our home getting flooded!). This is where we were first introduced to the joys of the water, though we didn’t think there were joys to be had at the time. When Katherine first got us, we wouldn’t get our paws wet at all but she slowly encouraged us to start going into the water and eventually we started swimming. We weren’t very good to start off with and it took a bit of practice to perfect our swimming styles, but now we are like torpedoes in the water after our chosen toy! Just try and keep us out of the water! The tiniest bit of water we now want to play in even if it is barely a puddle. The river is also where we test out all new swimming dog toys as it is very familiar to us and therefore that is where we are most confident in the water so we can easily get used to a new toy before it comes adventuring with us.

This week we’ve had a new toy to play with in the water – the Chuckit! Surfboard!  And of course, we took it down to the river to give it at try.  However, stay tuned as we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow :-) 


Millie, Fly and Katherine T


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