A play in the River...

Ok so starting off from where we left off about the Surfboard, considering it doesn’t look as aerodynamic as the Boomerang, Katherine is actually able to throw it almost the same distance and it nearly reached the other side of the river. One of the local seagulls wasn’t so impressed with our new dog toy though – Katherine threw the Surfboard as the gull was flying overhead and there was nearly a mid-air collision between gull and Surfboard! 

Fortunately though the gull was on the ball and managed to do some quick aerial manoeuvres to avoid becoming a casualty of dangerous surfboarding, and circled round then flew back over us as if to see what on earth had tried to assault it in mid-air. 

We are joined by quite a few wild members of the river community when we are playing in the river. The dippers are usually around, they are very noisy and arguing between themselves a lot at the moment, as are the grey wagtails, and every now and then the kingfisher will dart by. The mergansers are starting to increase in number too, they are a sure sign that autumn has returned to the river and the goldeneye ducks may return to the river soon too.

Our swimming session wasn’t as long as we have been used to of late. With the lovely summer we have had, many of our walks were switched to playtime in the river, or what was left of it as it did start to become very shallow and even now the water isn’t that deep. It is starting to get nippy now though so swimming sessions will become less frequent and much shorter, but swimming will be replaced by a different winter activity with our two-wheeled friend... the Wheelybug (see video below). Can you guess what the Wheelybug is? ;-)

As soon as our water games with the Surfboard were done there was no playing in the park like we can do in the summer, it was straight back home and into our doggy bathrobes to get warmed up and dry off, followed by a spot of dog grooming to get rid of some of our loose fur. 

Our doggy bathrobes are great, we love putting them on when we get in after a cold, soggy walk and Katherine loves how we don’t soak the entire house as we just shake into our bathrobes which absorb all the water! Great invention!


Millie, Fly and Katherine T



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