Nala's World Issue #1

Holy c**p on a cracker – having a human mistress is not always easy!

It entails an immense responsibility on the dog's side! I mean, it is our job to ensure that she is exercised adequately. I take that seriously, and so I have found two working fields for my Siv (human owner) where she can act out and further develop her assets.

One is dummy work which is best described hunting but without game. We use filled canvas sacks – take a look at the pic below:

Siv's long-throw ability is still a huge issue in our training :-/ but we are working on it. The rest of the HPR (Hunt Point Retrieve) training is giving her joy, and yes I see some potential in Siv!

Secondly, and this is my mistresses main job, Siv is my handler in Search and Rescue (SAR) dog work. This field of work is quite challenging, she had to learn quite a lot: radio signals, paramedics, GPS orientation, operational tactics etc and, of course, how to handle me in searches, to read me/see me when I have found a scent and so much more (see pic of Siv and I below).

I like working with her, Siv really has a "will to please". We are a great team, at least I think so, woof! That is why I am very confident that we will pass the SAR exam next year and be a certified operational team but perhaps more about that a little later down the road.

Ok well I need to get back to work today (sniffing and playing), woof to you soon…


Your friend, Nala the Vizsla

Siv and Nala are based in Germany and are in training to become a fully fledged SAR duo. 


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