Nala´s World #2: My New job as Miss Nala-rple (a take on Miss Marple)

Hey peeps from around the globe, here is vizsla Nala ,woofing to you again!

Well, from now on you may call me Miss Nala-rple. It's a perfect match, since like the famous old lady investigator, I am also a TV snooper and I recently solved a case. Yes – you got it right, I was on the telly. Well ok – my mom was also involved, we were in a CSI team consisting of both people and dogs. But – between ourselves – we know who did all the sniffing work, right?


Ok, let me start from the beginning – in the north of Germany is a new attraction for dog owners called “Crime Tour with Dog”, and it is like a scavenger hunt with tasks for both the two and four legged participants. Everyone gets a detective ID, and the group has to solve a case. Ours was to find the vanished last will of Duke Barkman. During the whole 8k round trip we were accompanied by a camera team from one of Germany's national TV stations.


Our job was to find clues, follow faded maps, solve brain twisters and also do team tasks with both dog and owner. My mom thinks I am a genius since I found a bag with a very important direction description hidden on a huge field. Well, don’t tell her that I simply followed the sausage water track put down there by the crime tour organizers! 

After four hours, smoking heads, sore feet and paws we finally found the last will of Duke Barkman and were rewarded with a HUGE bone. You may watch me as "Miss Nala-rple" by following this link: ...although do be advised the show is in my native German tongue. 

That was it for today, I am off to do some sniffing.

Your friend, Nala the Vizsla

Siv and Nala are based in Germany and are in training to become a fully fledged SAR duo. 

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