Say hello to Coby from Denmark!

Last time you heard about my Havanese, Miki. When Miki was about 6 months old I started to look for dog No. 2, thinking it would take a few years finding the right breeder and waiting for a litter with this breeder.

First I had to choose the breed though. I thought about getting a second Havanese, but I decided I wanted a working breed instead. I started reading about the different groups and found that the herding breeds appealed to me the most. Then I started reading about different herding breeds, and while doing that I kept coming back to the Pyrenean Shepherd. I liked the descriptions from different owners and breeders of them; I liked the size of the breed and also the crazy, athletic, always ready for fun, character of the breed.

Now I started the search for a breeder. And since the breed was and still is rare in Denmark, I started to look abroad, and ended up discovering a French breeder. Then things went fast, because the breeder had a litter of 4 perfect small boys, and she decided to let me have one of them. I thought about it, and I just couldn´t say no, so I ended up getting a new puppy a couple of years sooner than originally planed. 

But hey, who could have resisted these 4 little guys?

So again a long, long waiting time started, before I could finally go get my puppy. After all this time and such a long drive to France I finally got to meet my little Coby for the first time and even more importantly I got to take him home with me.

Today Coby is 6 years old and I cant believe it has been so long since I first met him in France. He is, like most ‘Pyrsheps’, a one-person dog, meaning he always wants to be with me. He still has other human friends but they are just that, friends. The most important thing in Coby’s life is me followed by food. He really, really loves food, and on more than one occasion stolen some food that I was sure was left out of reach for him!

Coby is a dog full of energy and is always ready to work, train, swim or go for walks. He is good at relaxing indoors, but even when he is relaxing, all I have to do is move slightly and he’ll jump up and be ready to do what ever I need him to do.

He is my trick training dog, and he’s trained to do lots of different tricks, just for the fun of it, and we sure have fun doing just that. He never does anything in half measures, no, when training he puts all of his energy into whatever we are doing. This does however mean that his favourite tricks are somewhat fast tricks such as spinning tricks, and the tricks we do struggle with are tricks that require him to hold a position for some time without moving. He just doesn’t see the sense in standing still.

At the moment we are training for a Danish trick challenge competition, and in the following clip, you can see a little glimpse of what we are currently working on…

One of my favourite things when training Coby, is just watching his wagging tail, just like the rest of the dog, the tail just cant stop moving.

So besides the trick training, Coby gets to do some tracking too. Although he’s so enthusiastic and energetic he sometimes goes so fast and misses a turn in the track. But he loves tracking and I love seeing him work in the forest, so perfection or not, we hugely enjoy ourselves. In time Coby will improve his tracking skills and become more confident in himself but we are in no hurry and as long as he loves it, we will keep on tracking.

Another thing Coby loves is water. He loves it when we go for walks at the beach or at a local lake. If you take the leash of him, he will be in the water in no time, waiting for me to throw a toy or a stick that he can then retrieve from the water. We use this kind of exercise a lot, since Coby’s hips are not the best, so with running and swimming in water, I hope to build and maintain muscles around his hips.

So now you have met my two dogs and in our time blogging you’ll see just what Miki and Coby get up to on their adventures from week to week. 

Greetings from Denmark!


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