A walk in the dark and into the light

Glow ball, glow bright,

Favourite glow ball of the night

We wish we may, we wish we might

Play with you in the moonlight!


Do you like our little Chuckit! Max Glow Ball rhyme? Our glow ball is now getting well-used! Katherine has a job that so she has to be up earlier in the mornings now and that means we are out in the park playing earlier than before! If it wasn’t for our glow ball we’d be stuck having to go for a boring walk around the streets instead and that is no fun we want to run! Another part of our “dark walks” kit is a collar with a light on so not only our ball can be seen, but we can be seen too so when we go toilet she can see where we are and our lights provide a handy hands-free torch to help her scoop the poop!


Though we are good doggies, we usually go toilet in a certain part of the park where there is light so it is easy to see where we go. Unfortunately not everyone is a responsible dog owner who picks up after their dog and in the dark park where she can’t see much...yeah, we think you can figure out what happens! So she needs something to light her way too and is looking at getting herself a head torch like our collar lights.

Despite it getting darker and the weather getting a bit more unpredictable, we’ve still had a trip up to the glens and had a very exciting sighting – a Hen Harrier! These birds are pretty rare in our part of Scotland as sadly our area happens to be a bit of a blackspot for birds of prey. There are some very nasty people out there!

Also this week we have started something new. We were on Facebook, as we often are, looking through our newsfeed when we stumbled across a page called Dottie The Dalmatian...we are quite curious so we decided to take a peek at the page. Dottie is a cuddly toy Dalmatian and she has lots and lots of brothers and sisters who have gone out to comfort sick and disabled children as a part of PostPals...and we decided we wanted to write a letter to a sick child to try and cheer them up a bit! So we found a pen and a piece of paper and wrote a bit about us and what we have been doing, we even sent a photo of us and a little gift too. We hope it cheers up the little girl we sent the letter to. It was difficult to know where to start, but once we had written a little bit it turned out we had quite a bit to write about really! Same as for here actually...

Get your hankies at the ready for our next blog because next time we will be telling you how we came to find our new home...and it is a sad story...

Millie, Fly and Katherine T



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