Pyrshep Road Trip

6 years ago when I got Coby, the Pyrenean Shepherd (Pyrshep) was a rare breed in Denmark, and today it still is a rare breed. So besides my little Coby, my sister has two Pyrsheps that I obviously know very well.

My sister has two girls and they are also some of Cobys best friends. The oldest is a 'poil long' (rough faced) her and name is Irma and he is actually related to Coby, since Cobys father is Irma's grandmother. My sister's youngest dog is named My and she is a 'face rase' (smooth faced). So as you can see from my sister's two Pyrsheps, the breed is divided into two varieties, poil long and face rase. The poil long is somewhat smaller than the face rase and it also has a longer coat than the face rase.

And as you can see from the picture of Coby (above) and my sisters two Pyrsheps, the breed comes in different coat colours as well. Irma is the black girl, My is fawn with black hair and Coby is what's known as a harlekin colour. These are just some of the colours the Pyrshep can have.

So these three dogs are the three Pyrsheps I know the best, besides them I had probably only met a handful of  the Pyrsheps living in Denmark. And I say had, because this weekend that changed...

One Danish Pyrshep owner kindly arranged a meeting for all the Danish Pyrsheps and their owners (in addition to a couple of guests from Germany). We where fortunate to be able to have around 20 Pyrsheps participating in this get-together.

So my sister and I packed our three Pyrsheps and my Havanese in my car and went on a road trip to Funen where the meeting would take place.

We met up with other little Pyrsheps and their owners from different areas of Denmark, and started the day with a walk with all the dogs. It was fun to finally meet some of the Danish Pyrsheps. I had only met a couple of them earlier, some of them I knew through Facebook, and the rest I had never seen before.

After the walk we started with some agility training, most of the Pyrsheps got to try the course, and I really think they all did very well. The breed is so athletic and you can see that they all hugely enjoy running, completing the obstacles on the agility field. Anyway I was really amazed with all the talented agility Pyrsheps I saw and felt I had to say it!

After having has some super agility the dogs got a break, while the lucky owners had lunch. At the same time we all discussed our favourite breed of dogs ;-) (obviously a biased conversation!) To our surprise we discovered that a lot of the dogs present, that day, were actually related in some kind of way. 

After lunch, the dogs (and owners) were divided into two groups. Those who wanted to do some Trick-Training, and those who wanted to train Rally-O.

I had volunteered to teach the Trick group, and my sister would then teach the Rally-O group, so we went our separate ways for a short while.

The dogs I got in my group where all very clever and most of them already knew a lot of amazing tricks, like 'the handstand', putting 4 paws in a small bowl, sneezing and a lot more, so they were also all very quick to learn new things and got started on some different new tricks, like crawling under a hula hoop, putting things in a box, and how to open a dustbin. I think they all did very well and hope they all learned a little and got some things to go home and train on.

My sister told me that her group also did very well at the Rally-O training, and who knows, perhaps we will get to see some of them at future Rally-O competitions.

If you are curios, how a Pyrshep is in personality and real life, let me just say, you have to meet them, they are a one of a kind dog, that brings a lot of fun into your day, they are like little clowns, they can do the most ridiculous things in training and if it doesn't bring a smile to your face, then it is not a breed for you!

A breeder once wrote about the breed: "that either you are insane for getting a Pyrshep or you just love their looks, their sensitivity, their nervous energy, their crazy ideas, their smartness, their barking, and if you are convinced that you can fulfil its need, love the dog to the end of his/hers life and be happy together, then this is the dog for you." ;-) 

Until next time...

Mette from Denmark

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