A weekend for Danish pride...

This week I just have to brag about my sister and her dog called My...

We spent the weekend at an international dogs how in Herning in Denmark. Katrine (my sister) was showing her Pyrshep, called My on both days and amazingly both days they won"Best in Breed". This also means that My is breed winner in the Danish Kennel Club 2013 (Best Pyrshep Face Rase 2013) and sunday they also won the title "Danish Winner 2013". They have had an amazing year on the dog show circuit, since My also managed to become Danish Champion this year.

Naturally, I asked my sister, Katrine, if she would tell us a little about her sweet, lovely, clever dog, My. Here's what Katrine wrote:

"Our lovely dog, My, is my first smooth faced Pyrshep. My boyfriend and I were looking for an extra dog besides my long-haired Pyrshep called Irma and his Labrador called Blackie. 

To cut a long story short, we sourced My from a breeder in France, but she is not all mine, she is also owned by a kennel in Sweden. 

My has developed from a chubby little puppy to a slim lady :)

My is a very happy girl, she gets excited, just by me getting up off the couch. She's a very energetic girl that loves to work for me, not just for the treats but also for affection. 

She loooves to be stroked and petted. If people don't pet her, she sits up to them or stands right up against them to grab their attention which as you can imagine, usually works ;) 

My is a girl with a high level of herding instinct in her and she herds Irma and Blackie when they are out, and when we are out with my sister on Agility competitions. She barks because she wants to get out running, I use My in Rally Obedience, and plan to start what's known as 'freestyle' with this clever girl. 

And if i get the time, I want to try agility with her."

Besides my sister's good results I also have to congratulate the Danish national team in Heel Work to Music (HTM) and in Freestyle. They were all competing in the Nordic Championship (A competition between Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) which was also held in Herning at the same place as the dog show I mentioned earlier.

So all in all I spent a lot of time on both days watching and cheering for the Danish teams, which are all amazingly talented and they had some impressive routines. They could not have done anything better and they ended up winning the gold medals in 4 out of 4 possible competitions. They won gold in Team HTM, gold in Team Freestyle, gold in Individual HTM and also gold in Individual Freestyle and as you can imagine how that made it very fun to be a Danish spectator at this event! So a big congratulations to all the members of the Danish national teams in HTM and Freestyle - you earned every success! 

On a very British note, happy Guy Fawkes Night to everyone celebrating with the fireworks and festivities! 

Until next time...

Mette from Denmark

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