SmartBones Bone Chew


A classic, low fat, RAWHIDE FREE chew treat for dogs.

These SmartBones dog treats are all the rage from across the pond in the States whereby it is becoming well accepted that rawhide chew perhaps aren't the best for out dogs due to poor digestion, loose stools and lodged clumps.

SmartBones Chew Bones are actually made from natural, wholesome vegetables on the outside with authentically dried chicken, beef or sweet potato (dependent on what flavour you choose) on the inside making the chew a satisfying treat for Fido.

SmartBones Chicken Bone out of the packet

These chew treats are delicious, help clean teeth, digest amazingly well with no loose stools and are enriched with a wealth of vitamins. 

Studies show that 9 in 10 dogs tested preferred SmartBones over the leading brand of rawhide. 

Available in 3 flavours: Chicken, Beef and Sweet Potato.

Choose from Mini (8 pack), Medium (2 pack) and Large (1 pack) although please note that the large bones are not yet available for either the Beef or Sweet Potato flavour.