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Hurtta Outdoors Padded Collar - Active Hound
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Hurtta Padded Collar

Hurtta Padded Collar

by Hurtta
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  • Hurtta Padded Collar
  • Ultra tough nylon collar that rests on soft neoprene padding
  • Strong metal D-ring
  • 3M reflective trim
  • Adjustable collar
  • Available in Cherry, Juniper and Raven

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.


A well padded, secure, quick drying dog collar.

Beautifully soft yet rugged the Hurtta Outdoors Padded Collar is perfect for general use with your dog as well as active adventures in the sea or in the woods.

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

The soft, padded area of the dog collar is made from neoprene which is the same material wetsuits are made from. This makes this Hurtta Collar quick to dry and reduces rubbing to your dog's neck. 

To attach the collar to your dog you simply weave the collar's clip through the solid steel ring and click it in.

As the steel ring is not part of the clip mechanism no load stress is ever placed on the clip itself therefore the collar is exceedingly unlikely to break loose unlike conventional collars.

Covered in 3M reflectors, your dog will be highly visibly in low light conditions when light is shone on him such as from car lights.

Available in  Raven,  Cherry  and  Juniper

EzyDog Neo Collar Save 15%
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EzyDog Neo Collar

EzyDog Neo Collar

by EzyDog
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The EzyDog Neo Dog Collar as you might have guessed by the name, is made from neoprene.

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

Neoprene is used in wetsuits and because it's non-porous you'll find staines are easy to remove under a tap and odours never linger. The collar itself is reinforced with nylon webbing for added strength and durability.

Attached to the Neo Collar is a super strong, stainless steel D-Ring for leashes. Stainless steel doesn't rust. An added bonus is the extra hard plastic loop near the D-Ring, for ID tags. This is a strong and stylish dog collar ideal for active hounds.

Available in colours: Black, Blaze Orange, Blue, Bubblegum, Chocolate, Red and Green Camo.

Sizes for all breeds: XS, S, M, L, XL.

EzyDog Checkmate Collar - Active Hound
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EzyDog Checkmate Collar

EzyDog Checkmate Collar

by EzyDog
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The EzyDog Checkmate Collar is like no other on the market in the sense that it's rather clever, stylish and comfortable for your dog. 

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

This dog collar is what's known as a 'Martingale' dog collar which is a cross between a slip lead and a choke but with one huge benefit - your dog will not be choked! The Checkmate Collar is a normal collar with an exterior secondary loop that your lead attaches to.

When your dog becomes excitable and begins to pull, the collar will tighten around your dog's neck to prevent him from slipping out of his collar which is particularly useful for when you need close control. What's more is that if this collar is fitted correctly it will not choke your dog at all.  

The secondary loop is limited in length preventing any choking on your dog. As such, this style of collar is used extensively when training dogs. The Checkmate Collar will feel nice and loose on your dog until tension is put on the lead preventing escape.  

Suitable for all breeds coming in a S,M,L and XL size collar. 

Available in Black, Blue, and Red.

Red Dingo Lumitube Collar - Active Hound
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Red Dingo Lumitube Collar

Red Dingo Lumitube Collar

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Finding a reliable and hardy light up collar is tough because largely, there aren't many around but Red Dingo have invented a super sturdy and bright collar called the Red Dingo Lumitube Safety Collar.

Made from transparent rubber tubing with bright LED lights contained, the tube of LEDs is powered but just a single AAA battery. You'll get hours and hours and hours out of this collar before you need to replace the cheap AAA battery and your pooch will be highly visible in a beautiful shade of Blue, Green, Pink/Purple or Red, the choice is yours!

Simply cut the tube to fit any breed of dog and secure it in place. Each pack contains a AAA battery so simply rip open and place on your pooch. Fido's nocturnal journey starts here!