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EzyDog Chest Plate Harness Save 15%
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from £17.00

EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

by EzyDog
Save 15%

A 'step in' dog harness

EzyDog's Chest Plate Dog Harness is probably one of the greatest dog harnesses ever made because this harness distributes load across the dog's chest and not the throat. 

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

Your dog can step in to this Chest Plate Harness which is a bonus for those owners who have nervous dogs or those that do not like putting their head through straps.

When fitting the harness, the chest plate eventually moulds to any shape of dog no matter the breed and the adjustable straps help you get the right fit. The aim of this harness is to distribute load across the chest plate instead of your dog's neck. 

Each Chest Plate Harness comes with a free car seat restraint loop allowing you to feed a seat belt through to 'clunk-click' your dog into a secure and comfy position whilst you're driving.

This car restraint loop can be removed from the harness for when you want to go on walks. 

Available in colours: Black, Blaze Orange, Blue, Bubblegum, Chocolate, Red, Green Camo and Purple.

Sizes for all breeds: XXS (limited colours for this size), XS, S, M, L, XL.

EzyDog Quick Fit Harness - Active Hound
 - 3 Save 6%
from £21.00
from £19.75

EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

by EzyDog
Save 6%

The EzyDog Quit Fit Dog Harness has been designed to so owners can quickly snap on a good quality harness and go walking.

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

Made with EzyDog's famous neoprene material (easy to wash under a tap with no lingering odours) and soft webbing, this dog harness will secure your dog in comfort and style. Why? Because the design is such that no chaffing, rubbing or pinching will occur in this harness and the stylish relfective stitching . Simples! 

As the Quick Fit Harness might well replace the traditional collar, there's a tough ring on the side of the harness for an ID tag should you need it. You'll probably only need to adjust the straps once but from then on, simply clunk-click the harness on your dog and go play! 

Available in 3 colours: Black, Blue, and Red.

Sizes for all breeds: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL.

EzyDog Convert Harness Save 16%
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from £29.33

EzyDog Convert Harness

EzyDog Convert Harness

by EzyDog
Save 16%

First and foremost, the EzyDog Convert Harness is a great dog harness in its own right because it distributes load evenly across your dog's chest and sides and not the throat as a collar would do.

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

The reason the Convert Harness gets its name is because you can 'Convert' it to carry added saddlebags or tags (see pictures).

This beautiful dog harness is super soft on your dog's coat yet incredibly tough and rugged for full outdoor usage. Feel free to go tearing through the woods or swimming in water, your Convert Harness will be doing you proud in the elements. 

As with all EzyDog harnesses, there a stainless steel D-ring that never rusts and there an additional magnetic grab handle for when you need close control.

  • Fully adjustable chest strap for size adjustment
  • Beautifully soft cotton lining for your dog's comfort
  • Durable polyester outer harness shell 
  • Reflective piping for low light and night time use
  • 'Convert' panels for saddlebags and label tags

Either strap some EzyDog Saddlebags or Labels to your Convert Harness to turn your dog into a working pooch. With the saddlebags you can load your pooch up with accessories such as toys, drinks or food. With the label tags you can call your dog a 'Bodyguard', 'Security', Crazy Dog' or even a 'Naughty' dog. 

Please note: If EzyDog Saddlebags are also required, the Small saddlebags fit the Convert Harness in sizes Small to Medium. The large bags fit large to XXL Covert Harnesses. 

EzyDog Neo Collar Save 15%
from £14.00
from £11.90

EzyDog Neo Collar

EzyDog Neo Collar

by EzyDog
Save 15%

The EzyDog Neo Dog Collar as you might have guessed by the name, is made from neoprene.

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

Neoprene is used in wetsuits and because it's non-porous you'll find staines are easy to remove under a tap and odours never linger. The collar itself is reinforced with nylon webbing for added strength and durability.

Attached to the Neo Collar is a super strong, stainless steel D-Ring for leashes. Stainless steel doesn't rust. An added bonus is the extra hard plastic loop near the D-Ring, for ID tags. This is a strong and stylish dog collar ideal for active hounds.

Available in colours: Black, Blaze Orange, Blue, Bubblegum, Chocolate, Red and Green Camo.

Sizes for all breeds: XS, S, M, L, XL.

EzyDog Checkmate Collar - Active Hound
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from £15.00
from £12.75

EzyDog Checkmate Collar

EzyDog Checkmate Collar

by EzyDog
Save 15%

The EzyDog Checkmate Collar is like no other on the market in the sense that it's rather clever, stylish and comfortable for your dog. 

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

This dog collar is what's known as a 'Martingale' dog collar which is a cross between a slip lead and a choke but with one huge benefit - your dog will not be choked! The Checkmate Collar is a normal collar with an exterior secondary loop that your lead attaches to.

When your dog becomes excitable and begins to pull, the collar will tighten around your dog's neck to prevent him from slipping out of his collar which is particularly useful for when you need close control. What's more is that if this collar is fitted correctly it will not choke your dog at all.  

The secondary loop is limited in length preventing any choking on your dog. As such, this style of collar is used extensively when training dogs. The Checkmate Collar will feel nice and loose on your dog until tension is put on the lead preventing escape.  

Suitable for all breeds coming in a S,M,L and XL size collar. 

Available in Black, Blue, and Red.

EzyDog Drive Car Harness
from £70.00

EzyDog Drive Car Harness

EzyDog Drive Car Harness

by EzyDog

A robust, crash tested car harness.

The EzyDog Drive Car Harness is only one of two crash tested dog harnesses on the market that we know of and we think this is the very best out there. The only other crash tested car harness is here

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

Keep Fido safely secured when you're driving but never fear as you can also use this harness for pitstops outside when you need to give him a toilet break.

EzyDog Drive Car Harness features


Tested to internationally recognised standards such as the 

Australia (ADR69/00), Europe (ECE Regulation 16) and USA (FMVSS 213) safety regulations.

With built in Mag-Loktechnology this harness is a cinch to put on and take off yet is super secure. Simply get the fit right once with your dog and then it's just a case of putting on and taking off. 

  • Crash tested, passed and certified
  • Quick, one-time fit
  • Double D-Rings for lead attachment
  • Mag-Lok™ Instant Fit closure system
  • Ergonomic, moulded chest plate 

Available in Small, Medium and Large.

One of Active Hound's favourite brands is EzyDog. Why? Strength, durability and effectiveness at doing the task at hand. 

Products such as the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness and the Neo Collar have been EzyDog staple for years now due to the quality in design and materials.