Lily's Kitchen

Our dogs have always been fed the best that we could find on the market so when we came across Lily's Kitchen and their organic approach you can be sure we gave our dogs the taste test. Nearly every ingredient that goes into Lily's Kitchen dog foods, that's dry kibble, wet food and biscuit treats, is organic with some products classed as fully organic. We also know that the quality of ingredients is incredibly difficult to beat by human standards let alone dog standards. 

Dry dog food can be really rather dull and uninteresting for dogs and our pooches attitudes are no different. But when our dogs tried Lily's Kitchen for the first time we were quite taken aback at how quickly their bowls were emptied. Alas, next came the tinned wet food test and that too went just as fast the following day. 

After pouring in more research into Lily's Kitchen Dog Food's approach to organic, sustainable farming and healthy dog food, the more we loved the brand. Since our introduction to Lily's Kitchen Dog Food we've actually met Lily herself and my, my isn't she a cutie? We're life long fans of her ethical and nutritious dog food and ur new litter of pups have been reared on Lily's Kitchen since birth (see our blog). Feed your dog the right way and consider Lily's Kitchen Dog Food for your pooch.