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Red Dingo Lumitube Collar - Active Hound
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Red Dingo Lumitube Collar

Red Dingo Lumitube Collar

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Finding a reliable and hardy light up collar is tough because largely, there aren't many around but Red Dingo have invented a super sturdy and bright collar called the Red Dingo Lumitube Safety Collar.

Made from transparent rubber tubing with bright LED lights contained, the tube of LEDs is powered but just a single AAA battery. You'll get hours and hours and hours out of this collar before you need to replace the cheap AAA battery and your pooch will be highly visible in a beautiful shade of Blue, Green, Pink/Purple or Red, the choice is yours!

Simply cut the tube to fit any breed of dog and secure it in place. Each pack contains a AAA battery so simply rip open and place on your pooch. Fido's nocturnal journey starts here! 


Red Dingo was started down under in Australia and they brought to market some beautifully crafted dog harnesses, collars and leads. 

The words 'simple' and 'straightforward' are a running theme within Red Dingo's superb collection of dog apparel namely because they've concentrated on 4 core products only (collars, leads, harnesses and tags).

But what Red Dingo have done is manufacture a wonderful wide range of both plain coloured and quirky designs within their core products so each owner out there can find the right colour for their pooch no matter the dog coat colour or coat type.