Rukka started out life over 80 years ago in outdoor human clothing but only in the last few years have Rukka branched out into outdoor dog gear. Rukka Pets became Scandinavia's No.1 outdoor dog gear brand even overtaking Hurtta in their native Finland recently. This is perhaps because Rukka have extensive experience with only the best materials, fabrics and manufacturing techniques that other brands will take decades to learn. 

Rukka produces World Famous dog coats, dog harnesses, collars, leashes and dog boots. Some of the highlights in the Range are the Stream Coat which was made famous by their human equivalent. The Proff Boots are also used in many militaries and emergency services around the world. Our personal favourite jacket is a toss up between the Coldzone Coat and the Frosty Coat with preference probably falling to the Frosty Coat for its sheer durability and lightweight properties.

Finally, Rukka have some greats harnesses such as the Solid Soft Harness and Star Harness which are very stylish and practical. To top off the range Rukka have manufactured some very cute yet handy Microfibre Bathrobes and towels to ensure discerning dog owners are fully equipped for the outdoors with their dogs.