About Us

Our Story

It was a dark and stormy night in Wembury, Devon, way back in January 2013 when Lucy and Zak came up with the idea of running our own quality dog shop. But how would we start?

Owning a very active and hardy Patterdale Terrier called Izzy, we loved Chuckit! Dog Toys as the toys were so durable and unusual. We noted that almost nobody sold that brand here in the UK so the logical step seemed to be to start selling it...so we did!

After a few months of trading and realising the opportunity we sunk all of our savings into Chuckit! and quickly established ourselves as the No.1 online retailer in the UK for Chuckit! Dog Toys. That's why you'll often see a number of Chuckit! toys with us that you won't see anywhere else in the UK.

Lucy and Zak Some Hurtta stock in our warehouse

On 1st January 2014 we expanded our offering to include other brilliant and premium dog brands we used regularly such as Pet Munchies, JW, Hurtta and EzyDog. With a history behind us we grew close to a handful of suppliers and which we now consider friends. Our wonderful suppliers have aided the growth of our business ensuring our evolution to what Active Hound is now.

We realised the importance of being 'green' so we now recycle everything we can and re-use boxes when packing orders. All our printed papers and inks are either recycled or are eco friendly and our computers are Apple Macs so they're environmentally friendly too. 

Unlike other successful pet shops out there, our ethos is rather radical - we're downsizing and are not looking to cram every product in existence under our banner. We are instead handpicking quality canine products we know, we use and we swear by ourselves. 

Today, we employ a motley crew of just a few motivated individuals and as a company we heavily involve ourselves in giving some of our profits to charities such as the London and Surrey Vizsla Group.  

 Our Pack

Our Pack

Izzy (aka The Hun) is our eldest pooch and we also have her son Ned (aka The Black Dread) and her two daughters Penny (aka The Pentagon) and Dolly (aka Doll House), all from the same litter back in February 2014. Their father, Shearer, lives just a few doors away. 

You can imagine how much fun they have testing our new toys and various accessories! You'll also find the pack in various images across the website. 

Need some guidance or have a query with something? Call us on +44 (0)1752 862612 between 9.30am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

Alternatively, drop us an email on woof@activehound.co.uk.

When you speak to Active Hound you won’t talk to a call centre or to a sales assistant that hasn't a clue about the products on offer, you’ll speak to Zak, Lucy, Jane or Angela.

We're a little unique as we actually use these products and have them to hand to discuss them with you. We’re the world’s no.1 for Chuckit! Dog Toys and the UK leader for Hurtta gear so we consider ourselves experts in these brands particularly. 

Our pack munching on some grub 

How we view our customers

You’re special to us. Why? Firstly, you’re caring for a dog or possibly dogs, that makes you a great person in our eyes. Without you, Active Hound would not be here either and we realise how important you are to us.

So, in return, we pledge to offer you great customer service and a full understanding of the products we stock. It's surprising how few pet business can promise just one of those pledges to their customers. 

Izzy and her pups Dolly 

Active Hound is British based employing British folks like yourself. We are proud to say we pay all of our VAT bills and taxes to Her Majesty's Government.

Put simply, if you haven’t tried the Active Hound experience, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Life is for living, give us a try!

Happy playing!

Zak and Lucy Taylor