EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Size Guide

Size Weight Chest Back Length
Micro 1-7kg 30-50cm 25-34cm
XS 7-11kg 48-81cm 25-33cm
S 9-20kg 53-89cm 33-41cm
M 18-27kg 64-99cm 38-50cm
L 27-41kg 69-112cm 43-61cm
XL 41+kg 76-122cm 51-66cm


EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Size Diagram


  1. So we can choose the right life jacket to keep your dog buoyant, first weigh (1) your dog in kilograms (kg).
  2. The chest (2) measurement should be taken from just behind your dog's front legs. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your dog's chest. We recommend adding a few fingers of room for comfort.
  3. This is the least important measurement but is here to really confirm your other measurements look about right. Simply place the tape measure at the base of your dog's neck and measure his back length (3) stopping at the tail joint.


    1. Make sure the size you opt for can take the load of your dog's weight.
    2. Your dog will likely fit more than one size here so go for the size that looks the most comfortable in terms of size e.g. is there room for adjustment? 
    3. Don't pay too much emphasis to the back length measurement as the jacket doesn't need to cover the entirety of your dog's back but as long as it more or less covers it and the size you opt for can take your dog's weight, go for it!