Sizing Diagram for a Hurtta Comfort Knit


  1. Make sure your dog is standing then measure your dog's back length (1) from the withers (right between the shoulder blades) all the way down to the base of the tail (where it connects to the spine).
  2. The chest (2) measurement should be taken from just behind your dog's front legs. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your dog's chest. 
  3. Wrap the tape measure around the your dog's neck (3) as if it were a collar. Then move the tape measure to the very base of your dog's neck for the widest reading. 


    1. You should not measure any part of the neck or the tail in your back length measurement. 
    2. A snug fit is a good fit. However this isn't always possible so look for the snuggest fit possible.
    3. Between sizes? The odds are the size down is the right jacket to go for and NOT the size up.