Hurtta Slush Combat Suit Size Guide

Size Back Length Chest Max Front Leg
20S 18-23cm 30-42cm 4cm
25S 24-28cm 35-48cm 7cm
25M 24-28cm 35-52cm 8cm
30XS 29-33cm 31-46cm 3cm
30S 29-33cm 35-50cm 8cm
30M 29-33cm 43-60cm 9cm
30L 29-33cm 35-52cm 11cm
35S 34-38cm 43-60cm 9cm
35M 34-38cm 50-68cm 11cm
40XS 39-43cm 43-60cm 3cm
40M 39-43cm 53-73cm 12cm
45XS 44-48cm 45-62cm 5cm
45M 44-48cm 56-76cm 15cm
50M 49-53cm 70-90cm 17cm
55M 54-58cm 70-90cm 17cm
55L 54-58cm 72-92cm 28cm
60M 59-65cm 72-92cm 24cm
70M 66-75cm 95-115cm 26cm
70L 66-75cm 84-104cm 28cm
80M 76-86cm 90-120cm 30cm




  • Make sure your dog is standing then measure your dog's back length (1) from the withers (right between the shoulder blades) all the way down to the base of the tail (where it connects to the spine).
  • The chest (2) measurement should be taken from just behind your dog's front legs. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your dog's chest. We recommend adding a further 5-20cm (tiny to large breeds) to this measurement to allow for unimpeded movement.

Leg Measurement for a Hurtta Slush Suit

  • When your dog is upright, gently grab the lower shin of your dog's front leg (3) as if you were holding a tennis racket. Measure from the inner armpit of your dog's front leg, all the way down to your hand. 


    1. You should not measure any part of the neck or the tail in your back length measurement. 
    2. Back length is more important than chest size.
    3. The leg of the Hurtta Slush Suit should sit anywhere between the knee joint to the ankle with somewhere between these two points being ideal. This will vary from dog to dog. 
    4. Between sizes? The odds are the size down is the right jacket to go for and NOT the size up.