Hurtta Trainers Vest Size Guide

Size Chest Hip Length
XXS 92cm 102cm 64cm
XS 98cm 108cm 66cm
S 104cm 114cm 68cm
M 110cm 120cm 70cm
L 116cm 126cm 72cm
XL 122cm 132cm 74cm
XXL 130cm 142cm 76cm


Sizing Diagram for Hurtta Agility and Obedience Vest


  1. Stand upright and wrap the tape measure around the upper half of your chest (1). Leave enough room for comfort and movement. 
  2. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hips (2), again leaving some wiggle room.
  3. Finally, the least important measurement is the length (3) of your torso. Measure from the upper shoulder (near your neck) and go straight down to your hips.


  1. Between sizes? We'd recommend opting for the size up.
  2. Ladies with wide hips may need to go a size higher.