Dog's Weight Dry Amount Water
5-10kg 50-100g 1-2 tbps
10-25kg 100-175g 2-4 tbps
25-40kg 175-250g 3-5 tbsp

NOTE: Most folks like to feed their dogs a raw meaty bone as part of a healthy balanced raw diet.  If you do, you can reduce the quantities above by up to 75%.  Always monitor your dog's weight to see if you need to up or reduce the amount fed.

How to prepare: After you have weighed out the correct freeze dried amount, add one or two tablespoon of water to it. Mix the meal into a paste and continue to add water as you see fit. 

Puppies: For young pups under 6 months of age, feed up to 4 times the above advice. As always, do ensure to monitor your pup's weight and appearance as you may need to reduce this amount depending on how your new arrival develops. For pups over 6 months of age, they just need a little extra in the bowl come feeding time until they hit 12 months of age.