ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Splash and Fun Dog Pool

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A sturdy, anti slip doggy pool.

    When the sun beats down on your pooch sometimes only a cool, soothing paddle will do. This brilliant Doggy Pool was tested out by the Active Hound pack in early June 2015 and after 4 hours of fun we knew we had to stock it.

    Why? One word - brilliant!

    Made from very robust and reinforced PVC and an anti slip base, the All For Paws Splash and Fun Pool is ideal for dogs to play, jump and splash around in.

    The Doggy Pool is tough, has a firm yet foldable outer shell and can be transported anywhere. To drain simply unscrew the cap on the outside of the pool.

    No need to inflate, no instructions needed and it folds up very nicely too. 

    Available in two sizes:

    M =  1.2m in width and a pool wall of 30cm in height
    L = 1.6m in width and a pool wall of 30cm in height